Thursday, June 30, 2005

WedJune29 - When Good Shows Go Bad

Welcome to an exciting behind-the-scenes look at what happens in a studio...


At 10pm, tonight's Blast! had all the potential to be what you, dear listener, have come to expect from us over the past several months: a good laugh, a few prizes, a little taking the piss, and plenty of great songs. In a word, grrrrreat radio. Two words, sorry. By 10:05, all of us on the production team (me & JP) knew that the show just wasn't gonna go well. And by God were we right...

Our best texters seemed to take the night off, people started asking for the crazy frog, then the goths started appearing on the text screen asking for some stuff that frankly, I've never heard of and would be worried if I had. The second hour loomed and then it started to happen, the same thing that always happens when we know a show just isn't going to plan: the "ah, well".

You see, different DJ's deal with bad shows in different ways: some throw a tantrum and blame their so-workers (not naming names), some blame external factors, like "oh, it's a sunny day, so no-one's listening to the radio" (not naming names), some I've known have taken tapes of their old, better shows and put them on in the hopes that the listeners would think this is tonight's show (no names), and a blissfully ignorant few keep on going with the bad show, thinking it's a good one as always (names? Well, there's... no, not naming them).

Here at Blast! HQ, (or Blastquarters) if a bad show is rolling on, we envoke the "ah, well". It's quite simple, really: "Ah, well, I've been up since eight this morning, so I'm a bit tired" or "Ah, well, I've got a bit of a headache, so that's why it's poor". The "ah, well" is a good indictation of how bad things have got: for instance if the "ah, well" appears at some stage in the last half hour of the show, we're on safe ground - overall the show has been a success. If it's in the early second hour, we should slap ourselves on the wrist. If it occurs in the first hour, it's seriously trouble.

Tonight's "ah well's" began at about 10:02, before the news ended. "Ah, well, I'm dying inside" (JP).

Tomorrow will be better. Actually, tomorrow will be just good.

Join us next time...


TOBAGGGSB! Winner: Marie in Leitrim
TOBAGGGSB! Song: Daft Punk - Around the World
Tricky: Push the cork into the bottle.

Entertainment Update!
For a laugh, here's me with my head (actual size).

Cheers to the bastard who coloured in my once-perfect tooth.

G'night kids,

Raymond Mark Nicholas Foley III

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

TuesJune28 - Wipers and Ducks

Had a text from Darco tonight, who's got a duck problem. The critter's been waking him up with incessant quacking for days now. JP offered a lovely recipe as an idea. We later got another text that the duck was taking on the cat. Quacked us up! Geddit? QUACKED us up???

Moving swiftly on, I was delighted to get on the bus to work when it started to rain: I'd just missed a rotten downpour, and had no umbrella. I know, I know - in this country, one should know better. Especially when there's the likelyhood the bus driver will have to stop the bus and tell everyone to get out into the rain and wait for another bus: BECAUSE HIS WINDSCREEN WIPERS DON'T WORK! In Ireland? Rain? Don't be ridiculous!

Entertainment Update!
TOBAGGGSB! Winner: Seanie in Roscommon
TOBAGGGSB! Song: Pink- Get the Party Started

Remember, if you're a smartass and have a question for Tricky Dick, send your question, name and where you're from to this email address... (just click)

Tricky Dick answer: It was a chess set

Have a nice day


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

MonJune27 - Pee Pee

I'm so relieved. No, not that I've had a wee in a toilet on my own, but that I'm not the only one who has this psychological block that stops me peeing if there's anyone else in the room. Tonight was all about the wee-wee. I can't go if I'm in the jacks and there are other people there. I have to wait for the solitude of the cubicle in order to to my business. I definitely can't have a chat as I do the do.

I've always put it down to the fact that you learn to pee and do most of your peeing in the privacy of your bowl at home, and so a trough urinal in public is just an unnatural place to have to do it at times. We got quite a reaction to this from many other lads (and some ladies) who have the same issues, including: "It's called avoidant passive urea. It's a known anxiety disorder. John in Wexford. Me too." So, there's an actual scientific term for it? What kind of scientists are they?

A few more texts:
  • In japan they have a gadget on the wall of cubicles which makes noise so no one has 2 listen 2 u pee. Lisa
  • Hey ray,im a girl nd i cant go pee if i tink sum1 is lisnin eithr! I wait im da toilet until evry1 who woz n da loo da same time as me has gone den do a runer!
  • What your talking about is commonly known as being a "paranoid pisser" there should be a support group called pp anonymous. Funny on so many different levels :-)
  • I've sprinkling problem too in da jacks. I've a bigger problem with assholes that peer in over cubicle when ya doin your business.
  • Ray the perfect song for someone who was in ur position is waterloo
  • Yeh i have the same problem i was at lansdown road to se leinster play lester and i literally missed half the match from ray in athgarven
  • hey foley. i'm a girl but i can't pee if i even think there's someone listening. Sinead in Sligo.
  • Ya same wit me bt if sum1 cums in half way through i fine
  • Thank god i am not alone. DOC limerick.
  • No your not alone ray i usually just pretend i had gone and walk off, comin back later for another try
  • Yeah me too always pretend i need a number two now so ill even cue for the cubicle even if the 'trough' is free. Steve
  • Exact same prob ray,its dam embarressin,especially when theirs like 3 free trough's and ya gotta wait for the cubicle!Steve in cork

And like they say in the Tayto ad, there's always one:

  • The only reason ya get nervous Pissing into pot is cos your afraid someone will c your tiny Cock

Har har har. Sides... splitting...


TOBAGGGSB! Winner: Guanita in Fermanagh. Song: Fugees - Killing Me Softly

Tricky Dick answer: Tomorrow


Monday, June 27, 2005

Blast! Music - 27th June

In the immortal words of Missy Elliott, or at least those of the dudes in her song "Music makes you lose control, music makes you lose control"

Here's the stuff we'll be losing control to this week:

2 Pac ft Elton John – Ghetto Gospel
50 Cent – Just a Lil Bit
Akon - Bellydancer (Bananza)
Amerie -1 Thing
Basement Jaxx – U Don’t Know Me
DJ Sammy – Why
Eric Prydz – Fading Like A Flower
Gavin DeGraw – I Don’t Want To Be
Gorillaz – DARE
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
Kanye West – Diamonds
Mario – Here I Go Again
Missy, Ciara & Fatman Scoop – Lose Control
MVP – Rock Ya Body (Mic Check 1,2)
Mylo – In My Arms
Nelly – N Dey Say
Roll Deep – The Avenue
Snoop & Justin – Signs
The Game ft 50 Cent - Hate it or Love it
TylerJames – Your Woman

And a few sneaky plays of these too:

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Lie
Ciara ft Ludacris - Oh
John Legend ft Kanye - Number One
Thomas Falke - High Again

That's it!


SunJune26 - It's All About The New Music

Hey - went out on the town last night. I know, I know, another Sunday night for the boys.

We played A LOT of new music on the show tonight. So, if you hear any other DJ's claiming to be the first to play tunes, you can check here to prove them wrong.

New songs we got over the weekend:
  • Tyler James - Your Woman
  • Gwen Stefani - Cool
  • Black Eyed Peas - Don't Lie
  • Bodyrockers - Round and Round
  • The Caesars - (I'm Gonna) Kick You Out
  • Gorillaz - DARE***
  • Ciara ft Ludacris - Oh
  • Daniel Powter - Bad Day
  • M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gun
  • Nate James - Universal
  • Lady Sovereign - 9 to 5
  • LOC - Ring Ding Ding
  • Elton John - Electricity
  • Mel C - Better Off Alone
  • Roll Deep - The Avenue***
  • John Legend ft Kanye West - Number One
  • Coldplay - Fix You
  • Amerie - Touch
  • Akon - Bananaz (Belly Dancer)***
  • Akon ft Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac- Ghetto Remix***

***We bleedin' love these ones!

We'll keep giving them to you, provided you keep listening. Please, PLEASE keep listening. Any I'm missing? Email here.

Tricky Dick Answer: It wasn't raining

TOBAGGGSB! Song: Fatman Scoop - Be Faithful
TOBAGGGSB! Winner: Martin in Monaghan

We're off to see WAR OF THE WORLDS tomorrow, but there's an embargo on reviews for a few days after, so we can't talk about it, but suffice to say - WE CAN'T WAIT!!! We'll keep you up to date on it as much as we can without getting our heads sued off by the film company.



Thursday, June 23, 2005

ThursJune23 - Livin The Dreams

Dreams tonight. Got loads of texts from people telling us what sicko bedtime imaginings they have.

Entertainment Update!!!

Tricky Dick Answer: How many people in the phone book would have ex-directory numbers? NONE!

TOBAGGGSB! Song: WuTang Clan - Gravel Pit

TOBAGGGSB! Winner: Trish from Dundalk


WedJune22 - Moonies

Where's our favourite newsreader Fergal? Night off. We have a new sports guy on the team, Ross. Welcome him aboard the good ship Today!

Damien Rice was in chatting to Tom Dunne. Short enough wee chap - not as wee as JP though. We wanted to ask him what Renee was like in the sack, but we chickened out.

JP farted. Absolutely disgusting. I mean, rotten eggs for dinner disgusting. Many texts in his defense though - even one girl in Sligo who said it's quite attractive. Weirdo.

Entertainment Update:

Shouting at Wimbledon. Maria Sharipova (spelled right?) is louder than a police siren. Rumour has it that it's a psychological ploy to put off your opponent.

Tricky Dick Answer: The rope is tied to the horse, but not anything else.

TOBAGGGSB! Song: Pras - Ghetto Superstar TOBAGGGSB! Winner: Jeb? Clem? Seb! from Westport, this year's tidiest town.

Big Moon tonight. Yes, an optical illusion which only occurs once every 18 years meant that the moon tonight appears bigger than ever. And we got loads of texts from people all over the country looking at the moon. Quite interesting.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

TuesJune21 - Longest Day of the Year!

The show went along pretty quickly though. I got a taxi home afterwards, and the driver was a freak! He kept saying "yeah?" after every few words, like "So, I'm sitting in me taxi, yeah? and while I'm waiting, yeah? this girl walks up yeah? and gets in, yeah?" Eventually I just said NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! You're a big WEIRDO, yeah?! No, I didn't but I wish I did. These things are always so easy to do looking back.

So anyway, about the show:

Fergal O'Brien, our favourite newsreader was a little pissy at the beginning of the show about the bitchy texts yesterday that said his news is recorded and he goes off home early. At least I think he was pissy. All of his news bulletins were recorded before I arrived into the station but he left me a note... JOKING! He was, as always, live.

I need a haircut - baaadly. See pic below. Won't be going til after payday though. Roll on Friday.

TOBAGGGSB! Winner was Saoirse from Foxford in Mayo. Her headmaster in school was my Irish teacher and my favourite teacher in school. Small world, eh?

TOBAGGGSB! Song: Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me.

Entertainment Update!

Have you heard that 50 Cent story that he was watching Lyndsay Lohan in Mean Girls and, according to her, called up her agent, got her number and asked her out? But she said she wouldn't be interested and that one Marshall Mathers would be much more her type. Unbelieveable isn't it? 50 Cent, watching Mean Girls - what is that about?

The Girly Bit. A proposal that we do something girly on the show to keep the ladies happy. Maybe a regular feature on hair curlers or tampons. It's something we're looking into. In fact, it might be an idea to have an actual female do it. Leave it with us.

Good night, Seattle


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pic: GET A HAIRCUT, YA BLEEDIN' HIPPY!!! Posted by Hello

MonJune20 - MOLOKO!

Started the show with JP not being able to hear a freakin' thing from his headphones. A quick call to techy Colin informed us that it was in fact my fault. I had the wrong knob up. Kinky!

Cruise got soaked. We think he looked pretty well out of it actually, because he could've been much more of an arse than he actually was.

Entertainment update!!!

Bob Geldof says Mel B is scuppering the Spice Girls reunion at Live 8...
Pammy's got a female stalker...
Charlotte Church likes to get covered in choccy sauce...

Cutting silage is the new black! Everyone's at it while listening to the show. Hello to late-night silage cutters all over the country.

TOBAGGGSB! Winner: Jeffrey McCormack in Athboy.
TOBAGGGSB! Song: Moloko - The Time is Now.

JP made the point that the word Moloko sounds like Moloko. IT DOES! No other word can sound more like a word than the word itself!!!! So, the word Moloko sounds like Moloko, so much so in fact that it sounds exactly like Moloko.

Is Fergal (our favourite newsreader) recorded? No. He's live and kicking (the head off anyone that says he's recorded).

Blast! Extra! Behind the scenes madness!

  • 10:05 That was a good start to the show. I think it's gonna be a good one.
  • 10:10 Got JP's headphones fixed. Let's knuckle down now.
  • 10:20 Jeez, it's gone to shit, hasn't it?
  • 10:40 Yeah, it has.
  • 10:50 Am I a nasty person, JP? Yes Ray, you are.
  • 11:00 2nd hour now, come on, let's make it a good one.
  • 11:01 Screw that!
  • 11:30 Moloko.
  • 11:45 MOLOKO!!
  • 12:00 Yay! It's over! I'm off to bed.

That's all folks!


Monday, June 20, 2005

Blast! Music - 20th June

Come an get ‘em while they’re hot! Here’s the music you’ll be lovin’ this week:

2 Pac ft Elton John – Ghetto Gospel
50 Cent – Just a Lil Bit
Amerie -1 Thing
Basement Jaxx – U Don’t Know Me
Bodyrockers - I Like The Way
DJ Sammy – Why
Eric Prydz – Fading Like A Flower
Faithless ft Estelle – Why Go
Gavin DeGraw – I Don’t Want To Be
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
Kanye West – Diamonds
Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
Mario – Here I Go Again
Missy, Ciara & Fatman Scoop – Lose Control
MVP – Rock Ya Body (Mic Check 1,2)
Mylo – In My Arms
Nelly – N Dey Say
Snoop & Justin – Signs
The Game ft 50 Cent - Hate it or Love it
Timo Mass - First Day

Others you’ll hear if you’re good:

Fat Joe & Nelly – Get it Poppin’
Thomas Falke – High Again ***FIRST FIRST FIRST***
Tiesto – Adagio for Strings 05
Work in Progress – Waiting for a Girl Like You ***FIRST FIRST FIRST***


SunJune19 - I'm Back, Baby!

It's Father's Day and the big daddy returns. I was on for Tony Fentony during the week - pretending to be a nice DJ just ain't me, so it's nice to be home on the Blast.

If you ever watch Frasier or any other movie or tv show that features radio studios, you'll see "On-air" lights that turn red when the studio is on the air. However, our red lights were not working. We think we were on, because we got loads of texts saying we were.

Most requested tune: 2 Pac ft Elton John - Ghetto Gospel

Accusations that me & JP are the same person? Eh, wha? How stupid are some people? After Tricky Dick's answer every night, we go aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh together at the same time.

Batman Begins. See Review.

TOBAGGGSB! Song: Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - It's like That. Winner was Sarah Phelan.
MVP - Rock Ya Body sounds just like Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On. Also quite like Lumidee and Nina Sky.

Peas. Out.


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Review: Batman Begins

Dir: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer and Morgan Freeman.

Does anyone know Jack Napier? Ever heard of a guy called Jack Napier? Ringing any bells with anyone, ANYONE? Come on guys, JACK. NAPIER. No-one? What about you at the back, what's your name, Chris Nolan? Mr Nolan, you're director of the new movie about Batman, one of the most popular heroes of all time, surely you should recall the name Jack Napier. Come on, boy, the alter ego of one of the all-time bestest evilest, nastiest villains? Well, tell me this Nolan: you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Let me refresh your memory, Nolan. Jack Napier was a small-time crook who, as a young man, carried out petty crimes and muggings in the shady backstreets of Gotham city. In time, he becomes one of mafia Boss Grissom’s henchmen and works his way up the underworld ladder. Oh, he was also the dude who shot young Bruce Wayne’s parents dead before their young son’s eyes and who Batman eventually knocked into a vat of chemicals that turned him into: THE JOKER! Joker kills Grissom and becomes king of Gotham crime. He’s baaad.

You’d know this if you watched Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie or read any Batman comics. Batman. Now, THAT was a Batman movie. Michael Keaton superbly played an guarded, unbalanced Batman. Jack Nicholson was born to play Joker – a baddie who actually scares you. Tim Burton (director of Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, The Nightmare Before Christmas) was made only to make a dark, scary, gothic Gotham city, which he did oh, so well. Not to mention the Batwing and Batmobile that just kick arse.

Batman Begins begins (is that right?) with a young Bruce Wayne being scared by some bats as he’s trapped down a well. His dad comes down and saves him and tells him “We fall down to get back up” or something, and “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself”. This pretty much sets the dialogue tone for the rest of the film. They go to the opera and leave early because lil Brucie’s scared. Pansy. His mam and dad are shot by – no, NOT Jack Napier – but a new street thug, Joe Chill. Bruce grows up, runs away, wants to fight crime, but must gain an understanding of it so becomes a petty criminal. Then he joins this ninja group, headed up by Liam Neeson. Gotham, meanwhile is in the shit. The cops (all of them except one Sgt Gordon, played by Oldman) are corrupt, and this young psychologist Dr Crane (Murphy) is admitting criminals to his asylum and doing gas tests on them to induce massive panic attacks. When he does drug people with his gas, he puts on a daft scarecrow mask to look even scarier – oooooooooohhhhh! He’s no Joker, put it that way. Joker KILLED people! Dead! That’s only one of my problems with this flick. Here are a few more:

  • They made the Batman mask too small so his jowls are hanging out – the bat ears look weird too.
  • The one liners from Caine are daft. Alfred’s a dad, not a clown sidekick.
  • Bale puts on a silly voice while he’s Batman, but normal while he’s Wayne.
  • You can’t see any proper fighting! It’s all implied by sound effects and photography.
  • Katie Holmes just doesn’t pass as leading lady material. Yes, maybe as a younger girl, but when they’re all a bit older she should’ve become a fox. She doesn’t. You still expect Dawson to step in and tell her he’s having issues. And she’s a right cow too.
  • Batmobile is crap. Yeah, we know it’s just an early prototype, but it’s shit.
  • Liam Neeson played this role before. It was called Qui Gon Jin in Star Wars The Phantom Menace, and that was one crap film.

Okay, okay, okay. So we all know that Batman and Batman Returns were good, right? They were dark, yet comic-bookish, they were scary, and they felt like Batman should feel.

Then Batman & Robin and Batman Forever were god-awful. They were plastic caricatures of the Batman characters. They were too glossy and fake, and captured none of the chilling attraction of any of the Gotham staples.

When we were on our way to this film, I made the point to JP that this movie had already been made. How and why Wayne becomes Batman was already revealed to us in Batman. Why are they making this prequel? Well, basically, this film is the reset button. Any other Batman stories you know either from the comics or the other movies can be forgotten right now, because this is all from scratch again. This is my problem with the Jack Napier story. The Joker should be responsible for Wayne's parent's death. They really shouldn't go screwing with this sort of stuff. It's like saying "Yeah, the original Batman was okay, but we can do it way batter. We'll just start over." Me arse.

I also pointed out that the reviews were all saying that this goes back to a more “real” level of drama and character development, steering the franchise away from the naffness of the last two films. I was concerned that this realness might over-compensate, and go too far, killing off the comic-book elements of suspended belief that made Batman and Batman Returns so great. After all, IT’S ABOUT A GUY WHO BEATS BAD GUYS UP WHILE DRESSED UP AS A BAT! IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE REAL! This over-compensation did ruin the movie for me a bit. I thought Gotham should’ve been darker. So dark that it’s not very real, but that’s the point. It was going for too real.

It’s not all bad though. Even though it’s a crap character, Cillian Murphy was doing a very good job of it. Freeman is just ace. Bale is an excellent Batman and I hope he’ll play Bond if he’s asked.

Oh, and at the very end, when they’re walking through the ruins of the building in the cold, you can see Katie Holmes’ nipples so clearly they could cut glass.

4/10 + 1 for the nipples

Friday, June 17, 2005

ThuJune16 - FWD

Michelle in Kerry emailed this to me.

Don't know why it was sent to me specifically... not for younger Blasters...


We met in a secluded field, the sun nearly kissing the evening
> > warm breeze was full of that earthy, musky scent that only those
> > enough to live outside the urban rat race know,and a quiet
> > whispering
> > leaves in the weeping willow overhead added the final touch to the
> > romantic scene. We lay there,both naked. I knew I had to have her,
> > and
> > her now. Without a word being spoken, I moved to a position of
> > could feel instantly that this was what she was waiting for as she
> > frantically thrust her pelvis at my approaching organ. I moved
> > slowly
> > first, Inch by inch, until I was fully inside her. Then as the
> > tension
> > we threw caution to the wind and abandoned ourselves to the moment.
> > inexperienced, she approached every change of position with
> > moaning with despair every time I withdrew to prevent myself ending
> > it
> > too soon. As the sexual tension heightened towards the inevitable
> > mind blowing climax, it was all I could do to hold out any longer.
> > Finally,
> > moment we had been building up to was upon us, and passed all too
> > Breathlessly we rolled together in the now damp grass. As the last
> > orange glow of the long setting sun melted into the darkness of
> > night,we lay there still entwined in an amorous
> > embrace. I kissed her long and lovingly, and whispered reassuringly
> > she had been. She tenderly and sensuously licked my inner ear then
> > whispered, 'Baaa' and rejoined the flock.



Wednesday, June 15, 2005

WedJune15 - Girl Trouble

Well, we're living for summer, but having some problems. Email from one of my co-workers:

Eh like Hello... what about I live for Mairead & Jenny??????????????
you website is v funny.

Mairéad Farrell
The Ray D'Arcy Show
100-102 Today FM
124 Upper Abbey Street
Dublin 1
But we can't make a Jenny, because "J" is not available. We can't make Mairead, because "M" is not available, so we invent:
The Rules
  1. You may only use the letters that are available to you.
  2. Only one car sticker may be chopped up and used, not several.
  3. You may not write or draw on the car sticker - use only the letters.
  4. You may make grammatical errors in order to make your statement.
  5. You may use available letters to make letters that are not available. Eg: an "N" and an "I" can be placed over one-another to make an M.

Stick to these rules, make a car sticker, take a pic, and we'll post the best up here. PLUS, if it's really good, we'll send out some prizes.

To shut some people up, here are a couple more:

or better yet:

Get your stickers in Cork and Portlaoise this week, or see to get your address to us and we'll send you one.

Toodle pip


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

TuesJune14 - Remember To Ask a Grown-up For Help...

What's the craic? On for Tony Fenton this week, so little news other than:


Yes, the customisable car stickers are all over the country at this stage, but if you ain't got yours, here are all the details you need.

Basically, it's a car sticker that can win you cash or goodies, and it's also a car sticker you can muck about with. At the top it says "I live for" and you can complete the underneath bit with a word we've kindly printed for you, with a choice of:
However, if you whip out your scissors, you have a dandy selection of letters to choose from and you can make up just about any phrase you want with the letters:

and an apostrophe (' from D'arcy)

So, what have we been up to all afternoon? Making our own! If you want to get your sticker, along with the full details of how to win, JUST CLICK HERE.

The Show:

Some Daytime Tributes:


Best So Far:

Then we got bored.

If you have any, email them to us and you might see it here.

All the best


Monday, June 13, 2005

Blast! Music - 13th June

Floody’s on this week, with more of the music you like:

2 Pac ft Elton John – Ghetto Gospel
50 Cent – Just a Lil Bit
Amerie -1 Thing
Basement Jaxx – U Don’t Know Me
Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart
Bodyrockers - I Like The Way
Eric Prydz – Fading Like A Flower
Faithless ft Estelle – Why Go
Gavin DeGraw – I Don’t Wanna Be
Good Charlotte – The Chronicles of Life and Death
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
Jennifer Lopez – Hold You Down
Kanye West - Diamonds
Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
Mario – Here I Go Again
Mylo – In Your Arms
Oasis - Lyla
Snoop & Justin – Signs
The Game ft 50 Cent - Hate it or Love it
Timo Mass - First Day

Others you’ll hear if you’re good:

Daddy Yankee - Gasolina

Deep Dish - Say Hello
Les Rythmes Digitales - Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
M.V.P. - Roc Ya Body "Mic Check 1,2"
Tiesto – Adagio for Strings

Abigeh, abigeh, abigeh, abigeh – That’s all, folks!


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pic: Raymond was a menace... Posted by Hello

WedJune08 Strikes Back!

If you listen to the show regularly, you'd know that we have a game called The Oldie But A Goodie Guessing Game... STRIKES BACK! I usually say the first bit of this long-winded name and together JP and I both say the final words together: "STRIKES BACK!" Tonight, however, no matter how hard he tried, JP just kept forgetting those two words. He'd maybe get the "BACK!" out, and even an "IKES BACK!", but the full two together and on time was just not happening. Bless him - he has an excuse: he was up early this morning watching the rugger. And he's a dope.

Had a good laugh tonight: Joanne Burke from Clare was our TOBAGGGSB winner for Christina Aguilera - Dirty. We were talking about wee wee puddles in the lads toilet in Today FM and wondering what famous radio people may have made them. The Von Bondies perform the theme for "Rescue Me". Someone wanted to know. Boys that wear earrings in both ears: are they gay or what? A lot of people said they were probably bisexual. Dunno how that works.

Entertainment Update!!!
Blast Extra!!! What we were talking about off the air.
  • How DJ's on other stations are finally picking up on that Eric Prydz song, Fading Like A Flower, which we were playing, like ages ago. If it's new music you want, then you're better off coming here first...
  • ALDI vs LIDL: what's the difference? I think ALDI sell more gadgets.
  • I'm filling-in for Tony Fenton between 12 and 2 next week. Floody will be back.
Have a goodun


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

TueJune07 - Have Tom Dunne's Cake And Eat It Too!

Gareth from Headford won TOBAGGGSB! The song was Christina, Mya, Lil Kim, Pink and Missy with Lady Marmalade.

Most Requested Song: "Anything by Eminem".

Good luck to all doing exams - we feel your pain. By the way, we're not talking about exams.

Entertainment Update!

Tom Dunne gets way more free stuff than we do. In fact, he got a load of buns sent in to Pet Sounds today, and, being the generous soul that he is, gave them to us. Which gave us an idea for a brilliant feature (and hilarious picture-book story below) called:

Have Tom Dunne's Cake and Eat It Too!

It was a normal busy night in Blast! HQ, and JP was busy at work...

...when Tom Dunne leaves us a bag of lovely cakes he got sent to him for free...

...making Fatty Foley very happy...

... But wait! Fatty Foley doesn't like cakes with CHERRIES on them! He's not a happy fatty...

...but JP loves cherries and gets his face stuck in...

... Fatty's so jealous, he's going to eat the cake anyway, even though he doesn't like it...

... and look! JP ate so many pies, he's as fat as that other gobshite! Oh no!

The End

Monday, June 06, 2005

MonJune06 - Tim Kelly, Us, Then Enda

Bank Holidays mean more screwy schedules, and more of us than you really want to hear! Tonight, we were on for three hours between 6 and 9, and we spent most of our time surfing the web for cheezey DJ trivia. Click for more:

Normal show for Tuesday, 10pm-Midnight.



Sunday, June 05, 2005

SunJune05 Head... Melting...

Hangovers are becoming somewhat of a theme for Sunday night shows, and tonight's is likely to be no exception. It was our mate Chris' birthday last night and instead of being a gracious recipient of bottles of wine and champagne, he threw a free bar for all his mates who went to his party. Isn't that weird? Giving presents to the people who should really be treating you? Doesn't one of the weird other religions do that? Anyway, not ones to be rude, we drank his drink til it ran out, providing the resulting melting head today. It feels like it'll explode. Erdinger beer - a great night but an awful morning. Pics below of the pair of us enjoying the night. How open is JP's shirt?

Spent the day watching downloaded episodes of Lost and reading the Sunday Times Culture mag. Do you read it? Have you noticed they hate EVERYTHING? That's journalists for you: never a good word to say. They once decribed me as a "bermuda-shirt-wearing jock". I don't know what my fashion sense has to do with anything, but let me tell you, those shirts don't come cheap.

New music FRESH in to The Blast! this week:
  • Bananarama - Move in My Direction
  • Joss Stone - Don't Cha Wanna Ride
  • Chemical Brothers - The Boxer
  • John Cena - Bad Bad Man
  • Hard Fi - Hard to Beat
  • Offspring - Can't Repeat
The video for the Bad Bad Man song is worth looking out for if you're into the A-Team. Very funny.

We'll decide on Tuesday (bank holiday tomorrow) what songs will be making the cut for the week. And speaking of the bank holiday, we're on from 6-9pm on Monday, followed by LLEWDLAC ADNE (Enda) in our slot til midnight.

Hope you're doing better than I am.


Pic: JP introduces the imaginary girlfriend... Posted by Hello

Pic: Someone needs a waxing... Posted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005

ThuJune02 If You Leave Me Now...

... you'll take away the very heart of me... ooooooooooohhhhh.... That's the song from the 3G ad, which everyone wanted to know. It's by Chicago and we played it on the last request. The ad is the one with the cherry singing to the little Japanese girl, who eventually eats it. Very funny.

Incidentally, have you seen the Brad Pitt Heineken ad? Bastard probably got millions for it. Hang on, I'll find out...




5 MILLION DOLLARS?!?!?!? For what? Walking down the street? The lucky get.

We are LOVING those Basement Jaxx and 2Pac songs. Also LOVING Lost, the American ABC TV show that RTE are finally showing, although the rest of the world saw it in November. Don't you just wish that the person who buys shows for TG4 (the station with the OC, Curb Your Enthusiasm and OZ) would move to RTE 2? Then they'd have way more money to spend, and more room for English-language shows. Just a thought.


TOBAGGGSB Winner: Ross Dunleavey from Blanch in Dublin. Song: Justin Trousersnake - Cry Me a River

Blast Extra!

  • Get up!
  • I'm in the mooood, for dancin'...
  • The luscious Jenny Kelly's promise to bull-whip our asses.
  • Get out!
  • My mobile going mental with texts from my bro Morgan, Anne PF, mate Davey Lyons, TV3 superstar Dermot Whelan and the luscious Jenny Kelly.
  • Our winner Ross tonight was such a nice guy. Why can't they all be like him?
  • Go!

I'll love ya and leave ya


Thursday, June 02, 2005

WedJune01 "Ray, Don't You Have a Weblog?"

Yes, yes I do - and apologies for not keeping the updates coming, for both of you who check in here regularly, but I've been busy, Stewie-like plotting our global domination. I've had a lot on my plate too , with The Oldie But A Goodie Guessing Game Strikes Back! taking up residence in it's old 11.30 timeslot.

"Garcon means boy" Pulp Fiction. Never was a fan - I know, I know berate me all you want, but it never floated my boat. Resevoir Dogs all the way, baby.

Entertainment Update!!!!!!!!!:
  1. Backstreet's back - and running over their German fans...
  2. Baby Beckham wearing diamond earrings...

Cups of tea after a greasy fry or a bag of chips. Simply beautiful! everyone texted to agree with me.

TOBAGGGSB winner: Ursula from Co Kilkenny. The song was Fatboy Slim, Praise You.

Most requested song: Greenday - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Blast Extra!

  • What we doing this weekend? Birthday party. Arch-nemesis Nikki Hayes will be there.
  • How come Tom Dunne got the new Mario single sent to him and we didn't? It's not like he'd play it!
  • What did JP get for his birthday?
  • Soggy feet when you wear the same pair of shoes all day.
  • Pork pies for late-night-snack. All the fat and none of the goodness.

Good luck