Friday, November 25, 2005

Blast! Music - 25th November

· 50 Cent – Window Shopper
· Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You look Good…
· Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
· Braund Reynolds – Rocket (Natural Gambler)
· Coldplay – Talk
· DHT – Listen To Your Heart
· Fort Minor – Believe Me
· Franz Ferdinand – Walk Away
· Gorillaz – Dirty Harry
· Gwen Stefani – Luxurious
· Hard-Fi – Cash Machine
· Kaiser Chiefs – Modern Way
· Kanye West – Heard Em Say
· Kelly Clarkson – Because of You
· Madonna – Hung Up
· Pharell Williams - Angel
· Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu
· Republic of Loose – You Know It
· Sugababes – Ugly
· The Game – Put You On The Game
· Tom Novy – Your Body
· White Stripes – The Denial Twist

ThuNov24 Show Update...

Well, it seems everyone's been having a jolly old time with the bands picture I posted up here at half two this afternoon. I officially give up on it now - see ANSWERS down below for the 63 we did get, or head over to if you want to discuss it some more. I actually have another one for your enjoyment - it's below. I dunno how many films are in it, but let me know. I won't post everyone's emails here, so you can keep guessing without me giving the game away...

Our flight to the Canaries is at 2.50pm on Saturday. Weather's not lookin' great. Hmmm... Floody's on next week...


TRICKY!!! 6 Days.

TOBAGGG...SB!!! Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl? No, not an oldie, per se.

LAST REQUEST!!! Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

Join Floody from 10pm on Sunday - back Sunday 4th December.

I still might check my emails while I'm away.

So long, suckaz!


Now, Spot the Movies!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

ThuNov24 75 Bands...

There are 75 bands to be identified in the picture below. Click on it to make it bigger. Or if you want to zoom in on it, click on it and it'll open up the bigger picture. Then right click on that, hit "save picture as" and save it on your PC, then open it with Windows picture viewer. You'll need to do that to see the smaller clues in the background.

How many can you identify? Keep looking at it and more will come to you. But 75? Sheesh! Ok, so ones I've got so far:

1. Hole
2. The White Stripes
3. Smashing Pumpkins
4. The Rolling Stones
5. Gorillaz
6. Alice in Chains
7. Eels
8. U2
9. Scissor Sisters
10. Nine Inch Nails

Another 65 please.
Email us here and tell us where in the pic they are. BUT CHECK YOUR ANSWERS FURTHER ON DOWN BEFORE YOU EMAIL!!!


Pic: Name the Bands...


I should point out that I was sent this earlier by Emily O in Today FM - I didn't make it meself. It's actually an ad for Virgin Digital.

Darren Mooney emailed the following:

11. The Eagles (flying)
12. Matchox 20 (on ground)
13. Garbage (on ground mid photo)
14. Guns and roses (on cart on left)
15. Blur? (Man on right of photo is blurred)
16. B52s (Planes)
17. Blues Borothers (with guitar cases)
18. Beach boys (with surfboards)
19. Lemonheads? (in cart on right)
20. Crowded house (windows with loadsa
21. Radiohead (on the white stripes)
22. Iron maiden (on white striped behind radio head)
23. The Cars (among the rolling stones)
24. Whitesnake? (climbing fire escape)
25. Tatu? (Under traffic lights) Hmm... dunno about that - yes, they're two girls who snog but that's not in their name...
26. The police (far side of white stripes)
27. Corn (in cart on right)
28. 50cent (silver coin on left)
29. Seal (on poster on left)
30. Red hot chilli peppers (in cart on right)

More: are they...

31. Pixies

...on the left around the Virgin sign or are they fairies?

32. Queen (in front) is firing
33. Sex Pistols at
34. Prince

35. Cornershop
36. Cowboy Junkies
37. Madonna
38. The Doors - behind the
39. Manic Street Preachers in the white
40. White Zombie
41. Dinosaur Jr (little dinosaur next to Queen)
42. The Vines just above
43. Eminem - next to pumpkins
44. Dead Kennedys (posters on wall on left)

45. Television ()
46. Black Flag
47. Deep Purple (wall in back)
48. Cypress Hill (back)
49. Black Crows
50. Yellowman
51. Jewel (next to crates at veg stand?)
52. Bee Gees (on wall under U2)
53. Led Zeppelin (airship)

54. Green Day (calender)
55. Blind Melon
56. The Alarm
57. Twisted Sister (contortionists)
58. Black Eyed Peas or Cranberries (in crates and bags at the veg stand?)
59. Talking Heads (on the televisions)
60. Spoon - bit obvious
61. Kiss - could that be the girls kissing????
62. The Postal Service

I'm told Polyphonic Spree is there. Where? Ones we still need are: the people on the roof; the shark poster; the three girls holding hands; the girls kissing (Kiss?); the fish (goldie?); the necklace (is it Jewel?); the plant before the flower cart (Bush?); the blow-up doll in the window; the mailman and box; the girl chewing gum above the virgin sign (blondie?); the yellow bag of onions; and I think there might be some significance in there being 2 toy Gorillaz next to eachother and another real-looking one away to the left from them - for another band maybe... Also, what's with the pink sky?

After all that, I've just spotted that we don't have the full pic. It's here.

In that pic, I can see

63. Pet Shop Boys


Only 13 more to go...

They were discussing it here on - but I warn you, an open forum means some slow people can post on it too. This refers specifically to the person who thinks the Virgin with Child poster means Mary's Boy Child, which means Boney M. other theories over there are The Subways, The Shadows, The Streets, The Walls...


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

TuesNov22 I'm Maverick, He's Goose...

... and the bad guy was Iceman - but who was Iceman's sidekick? It was Slider, apparently. More Top Gun stuff.


C - Neither. A new century starts in the year one - so it would have been 2001.

Mase - Feels So Good

Goldie Lookin' Chain - R'n'B

Bit of a short update. Sorry about that, but I'm watching more Arrested Development. I really like it.

More at 10pm on Today FM.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

TuesNov22 Meteors...

The award nominees were announced yesterday, and even though we were robbed, here are the details on how to make winners of Alison, Tom or Wee Ray D'arcy:

To vote for your choice as Best DJ text VOTE DJ followed by nominee number to 085 7114444

And the nominee numbers?

  1. Alison Curtis
  2. Ray D'Arcy
  3. Tom Dunne

So, send the text VOTE DJ 1 to 085 7114444 for Alison. Or send VOTE DJ 2 for Ray and VOTE DJ 3 for Tom.

Or you can get a blow-by-blow how-to by texting 'VOTE' to 085 7114444 for a list of keywords and categories. Online voting is available by visiting Voting is open to all Irish networks at standard text rates. For Meteor customers who signed up for Meteor to Meteor Free Text they can vote for their favorite nominees for FREE.

If you vote, you could win a ticket to this year's Meteor Awards. Voting is live right now and will continue until midnight, 29 January 2006. Vote for your favorites and you could be on your way to The Meteors.

Begrudging good luck to all. Fix!


MonNov21 The Sweetest Email...

Lavalamp emailed this evening, and it's so touching and sweet, I feel I have to share it with you:

I just have to say this. Ya know how great you feel after taking a big dump? Well Ray, that's how I feel after hearing a night of the Blast with you. But JP is that extra little bit that makes the show perfect. He's like that little bit of poo that comes out a little after the large bit. And that bit makes you feel just as good as you felt after the big bit. So what i'm trying to say in that roundabout way is THE BLAST RULES!

Aww. I can see the tagline now: The Blast - As Good As Shit.

In other news today, I went along to that free lunch/Meteor Ireland Music Awards launch. I didn't get nominated in the DJ of the year category, so I ordered extra everything. Chips, salad, steak, wine, the works. I even came away with two ashtrays, a dessert spoon and a tablecloth. I think 2FM's Jenny Huston and Dan Hegarty are joined at the hip. I have never met one without the other. Then again, me & Tom Dunne are rarely apart... anyway, we talked about the Spice Girls. While Jenny and I played it cool and pretended not to know, Dan answered immediately when we asked how many albums they released. Three. And the nominees are: Alison Curtis, Tom Dunne and Ray D'arcy. That's it.

Famous people who were there: Wee Ray D'arcy, Patrick Kielty, Glenda that model... me...

This is funny. It's a spoof of those voiceover guys who do ads for DVD's and movies. It's actually them too I think. Goes a bit weird at the end.

Another email - someone did text this to us on Sunday evening, but we forgot all about it til now...

Above are the winning numbers in last Saturday's lotto, below are the LOST (as in, the hit TV show - Ray) numbers - just reverse the 2nd last number above ... obviously if you haven't watched the program then this means absolutely nothing to you - if you have ... it's damn freaky!

Rgds, Ivor, New Ross, Co. Wexford.


He was a lighthouse-keeper.


Steven got Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby


Coldplay - Talk


Monday, November 21, 2005

SunNov20 Cleanliness, Godliness & Anxiousness...

Is anxiousness even a word?

One quick tidy-up later:


Tonight I was talking about this feeling I've had in the pit of my stomach for most of the day. I still have it actually: it's this kindof feeling that something very very wrong is going to happen. It's like nerves or butterflys in your stomach. Very anxious - like there's something you're forgetting but can't remember what it is. Very peculiar. AM Kelly says I might have a psychic connection to one of my loved ones who might be going through a hard time in their lives.

I think it might be the gone-off butter I put on my spud this evening, but who am I to say it's not the psychic thing?

Anyway, as you can imagine, it made for a great show...

We played our first game of Midnight Mortal Kombat with Steven in Monaghan. We're giving away loads of PS2 games all this week in association with Smyths - now open weeknights 'til midnight. If you want to win, text us to register, then we'll call you back at 10.45 and you "kick JP's ass" in our trivia quiz. Very easy. Listen from 10pm for more...

TRICKY!!! His horse was named Friday!

TOBAGGG...SB!!! DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya

LAST REQUEST!!! Black Eyed Peas - My Humps

I was reading one Rick O'Shea's blog earlier. Apparently he works on the radio too. The work that man puts into the site is unreal though - none of this "a shite, I'll just lump anything up and it'll do". And he's always taking photos! I wish I could get my bloody cameraphone connection to work. Then I'd copy him.

This weekend, I've been watching Arrested Development on DVD. It's very good. You should try it.

Gran-Canaria-Watch!!! What's it like where we're going on holidays next week?

Hmmmm... that anxious feeling is getting stronger. Talk to you again from 10.


Friday, November 18, 2005

ThuNov18 A Load of Pictures, To Make It Look Like A Really Long Update, But Really It's Just A Load of Pictures...

No excuses for the lack of updates. As I've said before, I hate reading people's sites and seeing them constantly apologise for not updating. And yet here I am. Doing just that. Sorry. Shit.

My life's a mess. The proof is on my desk:

No, I'm not a big Sean Paul fan - I just got sent the single the other day and have you noticed his new one "Ever-Blazin" is exactly the same as his last one "We Be Burnin". Someone should call the fire brigade. Or a contract killer.

My phone is there. Yeah, that was a good investment. There's nothing I can do short of smashing it open with a hammer that can get those birthday pictures out of it. And somehow I don't think smashing it with a hammer will be too good an idea.

What else can you see? Ah, see the memory cards and the brown package? Well, a funny story for you there: you see, I purchased a 2GB (which means pretty big) Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo from ebay about two weeks ago. It's the biggest individual stick there is available at the moment to store pics, music and movies on your PSP (also in the pic) and I've been having a great time watching CSI Miami (go Horatio Caine) and Lost on-the-go. The brown package contained another ebay purchase which arrived yesterday. A memory stick adapter that allows me to plug my stick into the PC. HOWEVER, when I plugged in my stick, it went
"eh, Ray I'm not working anymore - because I'm actually not a real memory stick at all, I'm a fake one. You've been had by a conman."
So I spent all last night trying to fix it. The guy I bought it from has very kindly agreed to exchange it for me - although it'll probably be anoter fake. But at least I'll know not to use it with the adapter yoke. So be warned - a cheap memory card on the internet may look good and will probably work, but it's not that cheap for a reason.

We're going on holiday. More on that next week.

We're giving away games on the show next week in association with Smyths Toy Stores - who will be listening to us from now on, becasue they're open til midnight! More on that next week.

I'm going to this on Monday afternoon:

Ooh, a bit bright there. Lemme turn off the flash:

That's better. No, it's not the awards themselves, just the press lauch for the event, where everyone (except me coz I'm working) gets boozed up and finds out who's nominated for awards. Apparently it's a great day out.

Got a few texts tonight saying I'm very tanned and must use either spray-on or sunbeds. Eh? What re you on about? Webcam!

This is a good George W pisstake. Is the guy in it Andy Dick?

Up Mayo.

The show? All going fine.

I'm looking for last night's Take That... For The Record documentary on video. I meant to tape it for my girlfriend but I messed it up. If you're the first to send it in, I'll post you back some prizes:

Ray Foley, Today FM, 124 Upper Abbey Street, Dublin 1.

I'll post it back to you after she's watched it.

I'll just give you your answers for Tricky Dick over the past few days and leave it at that.

Tuesday: Underground. Some people said Underfunded.

Wednesday: He held the egg higher than 2 metres. Therefore, it fell 2 metres without breaking, then travelled another short distance, and broke.

Thursday: Mushrooms!

Still bored? Take a trip on over to dumpalink where they'll entertain you with hundreds of random videos. Some funny and some sick. You have been warned. You'll probably need broadband. Look out for the one of Robert DeNiro on Saturday Night Live...

Have a good weekend.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

MonNov14 Fattys...

Fat people are so damn sensitive. Get over it. Well at least get up off your arse and try to get over it - I don't think you should be sat there on the internet. You think that's gonna get you a girlfriend?

I can't get those pics off the phone...

Quick show update. Or shupdate. Or Quishupdate.

TRICKY!!! 12 - all 12 months, you twit.

TOBAGGG...SB!!! Ciaran in Galway got Daft Punk - One More Time

LAST REQUEST!!! Fort Minor - Believe Me


Monday, November 14, 2005

SunNov13 Crappy Phone...

It's 4 in the morning. As we told you on the show, I got a new phone. We also told you we were at Dave's birthday party in a noodle restaurant on Saturday night, so I took pictures of the night on my phone, which included a happy-birthday-to-Dave, beers, and JP getting in a fight.

I've spent the past three-and-a-half hours trying to put the pictures onto my PC, but the bloody cable won't work. It was fine yesterday. So anyway, I'm bushed now, so I'll leave my update til tomorrow/later today/after I've slept.

In the meantime, in the absence of photographic evidence, I've drawn an artist's impression of the night for you to enjoy.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

WedNov09 Whew...

... thank f**k that's over!

Not being big-headed here, but JP&me have always prided ourselves on being better than the bilge you hear churned out every day on other radio stations in this country. We've always been comforted by and felt secure in the knowledge that, compared to us, no-one's yet come close.

And then tonight happened. It doesn't happen often kids, but when it does, it hits hard. There's no way of explaining it: call it presenter's block; call it an off-day; call it a night when the radio Gods weren't smiling on us. Call it what you like but it means the same thing - the show wasn't great. And when a show that you know wasn't your best finishes, no matter how hard you try to tell yourself to forget about it and look forward to tomorrow night, there's just an "aaaah, shite" feeling you can't shake the whole way home, into bed and on into the next day.

Tonight, that "aaah, shite" feeling was pretty locked-on as I walked down the stairs and out the front door of Today FM. It was unmoving as I walked JP to his car and walked on to get a taxi home. It just would not budge as I glumly greeted the driver and told him where we were headed.

But then it happened. Then, dear reader, like a beam of heavenly light shining down upon me, to rouse me, sullen and moody from the radio doldrums, then it happened. Totally unexpected and absolutely gratifying, it came to me - from the Japanese-made transistor of the smelly Dublin cab came: local radio. And once again, all was well with the world.

Good evenin'

In the show: Committee Uniting Nasty Texts Society. People who send rude texts are automatically forwarded on to the committee. So watch your back.

TRICKY!!! I screwed it up. They were golfers, but they were playing tennis.

TOBAGGG...SB!!! Katlyn in Portarlington got Avril Lavigne - Sk8ter Boi

LAST REQUEST!!! Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine - Dr Pressure

Good night.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

WedNov09 Fans?

WedNov09 Flu...

Everyone has one of those mates that FWD on every funny thing they get into their inbox. Most of the time when I get FWD's from people, they're not even read, just straight into the trash. But this one guy sends 'roundsome very funny stuff. God bless you, Keith.

TuesNov08 Nizlopi: "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit"...

Nizlopi - JCB Song was our Last Request tune tonight. It's been getting a couple of odd requests over the past week, which have baffled me, since I was the first presenter (after Pat Kenny - see their website) to give it airplay ages ago, and only now it's rising to some prominence. See, I spotted it on the TV station The Box some time ago - and the video is exceptional, which prompted me to go out and track it down. I played it the following Sunday night, and every text I got about it said it was shit. So I didn't play it again.

Just looked it up: it's been six months since I first played it. I found out how long it's been on my PC:

And once again tonight, the vitriolic texts came flooding in.

Upon reflection, you can see what people hate about it: firstly, that guy's voice that says "THIS SONG IS SO ENGLISH!". It's the same reason Athlete, Dizzee Rascal or the excellent Lady Sovereign never do too well in this country. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with being English, but sometimes the style of these performers can sound so forced that you sometimes wonder if they're putting it on - like Guy (geezah, geezah) Ritchie at a movie premiere. And we don't like that sound because we're not English - and then there's also the old "centuries of opression" chestnut. Mike Skinner's flying the flag though, so keep it up Mikey.

Secondly, the whole idea of the song, though sweet, is a bit annoying. Grow up, you wuss.

In my defence, I think the JCB video did a lot for the song in my mind, and I'd probably have a hard time liking the song at all if I hadn't seen the vid. Remember any other videos that make you like the song more? Email. A few spring to mind for me: Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - It's Like That, Any Girls Aloud song, Eric Prydz - Call On Me...

The Nizlopi website is very good too. Flick on to the doodle pages and draw whatever you like. Of course, you could always just use a real pencil and a piece of paper:

We were also on about Horatio Caine, aka David Caruso of CSI: Miami. He'll be back on the show soon...


TRICKY!!! He was playing Monopoly.

TOBAGGGG... SB!!! Walter in Waterford got Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right

And finally, something for tomorrow night's show:

or, more appropriately:

More from 10pm...


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blast! Music - 7th November

· 50 Cent – Window Shopper
· Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look On The Dancefloor
· Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
· Bob Sinclair - Love Generation
· Fort Minor – Believe Me
· Girls Aloud – Biology
· Gorillaz – DARE
· Gorillaz – Dirty Harry
· Kaiser Chiefs – Modern Way
· Kanye West ft Adam Levine – Heard ‘em Say
· Kelly Clarkson – Because of You
· Madonna – Hung Up
· Pharrell & Gwen - Can I Have It Like That?
· Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha
· Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu
· Republic of Loose – You Know It
· Rihanna – If It’s Lovin’ That You want
· Robbie Williams - Tripping
· Sean Paul - We Be Burnin'
· Son of Dork – Ticket Outta Loserville
· The Game – Put You On The Game
· X-Press 2 ft Kurt Wagner – Give It

MonNov07 Wowee...

Wow - what a bizarre show tonight. Just about every single thing we mentioned tonight got a huge number of text responses. Anything we said. Texts. Loads. Sorry we couldn't read all of your texts, but thanks for getting on to us. It's weird, because we sit there in the dark studio every night wondering "is anyone out there actually listening to this crap?" Well, from tonight we can see there's at least a few thousand. Or one person texting a few thousand times.

What were we on about? The taxi driver who told me that the town I'm from (Ballina) isn't in the county (Mayo) i think it is. No, but it is.

People applauding their teachers. Loads of people got detention for (as we suggested on Sunday night) clapping at the end of the first class of the day on Monday. So now we suggest that if you're put in detention for applause, then you'll probably get an A for booing! So try that for first class on Tuesday!

PSP. Loads of texts asking about the new GTA: Liberty City Stories. Cheats, custom soundtracks, what it's like. For the full lowdown, see
this website. Or even better, this official site. Looks better with flash...


  1. Sharon Osbourne has a pop at Madonna...
  2. The Corrs, MBE...
  3. Jack White changes name...

Getting into fights. Can you remember being in a fight in school? Okay, now can you remember what the fight was about? Maybe if you're in a situation that's beyond your control where people are saying "you're in a fight after school" you should just walk away. You're not even gonna remember it in a few years. Just my uneducated word of advice - again, LOADS of texts from people telling us about how they got into fights. Some very nasty stories JP was laughing at.

TRICKY DICK!!! She put the paper under a door and had them stand on each side of the door.

TOBAGGG...SB!!! Mairead in Bundoran got Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

Why is WWF called WWE now? Well, that's because the World Wildlife Fund wanted the rights to the name, and the WWE backed off and let them have it.

Loads of texts saying how shite Stacy's Mom is. Then when we said that, we got loads of texts saying how good it is. Odd. And why do people whisper when people want to wake you up? Why not just call you loudly?

LAST REQUEST!!! Rihanna - If It's Lovin' That You Want

K - bye


Thursday, November 03, 2005

WedNov02 RTÉ...

The TV license people have been harassing me to pay up. I don't see why I should. It effectively means I'll be paying people to compete with me (RTÉ). Today FM get none of the money, so I'll make a deal with you: how about I keep my license money and we'll call it quits? Cool. Loads of fellas said they never pay, but the ladies go ahead and pay it out - because they're sissys.


Paul in Limerick got U2 - Elevation

Gala - Free From Desire


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

TuesNov01 Phunky Phone Boy Alan...

I had a note waiting for me on MSN Messenger when I got in from work tonight. I was from infamous Today FM background-person extraordinaire (funky phone boy) Alan:

MedZer says: ... I want credit on the website...

It's funny.
Have a go at making me your dancing bitch...

By the way, if you're an MSN user, you should update it to version 7.5. The new version is cool as, and includes voice-clips, which I can't use because no-one in my contacts list has updated yet. It also uses that cool feature of being able to write with a mouse, for which I bought a
writing tablet pen thing, and I can now physically write to people online. The sad thing is that it actually takes longer than typing...

If you are on my contacts list (McGann, Anne, Chris) then go here and do the download. If you're not on my contacts list, then do it anyway.

Good to be back on the show again. The Minister for something, Mary Hanifin says something about school lunches in the paper today, so we were talking about how only posh schools have canteens with hot food. Not so, apparently. It seems that me&JP went to the only two schools in the country that don't serve hot chips and curry sauce.

In other news, hi to Aisling who we met on the beer last week who we said said looked like Shania Twain, The Nanny Named Fran, Alanis Morissette and Janice from Friends. She took it as well as could be expected: she called us c**ts. And I don't mean carts.


TRICKY!!! She was a photographer. She shot him with her camera, developed the pic and hung it out to dry. Yawn.

THE OLDIE BUT A GOODIE GUESSING GAME... STRIKES BACK!!! Edel in Sligo got OPM - Heaven Is A Halfpipe

LAST REQUEST!!! The Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot

Yes. Sad bastard. I know...