Monday, January 30, 2006

SunJan29 Ray Foley, AA Roadwatch...

We got a text tonight from Rachel:

Hey Ray & JP, I was talkin 2 this guy Derek on Sat nite, he does the traffic on Today FM & I was sayin how much I love the show and he said you two are nobodies! Don't worry, I still love u guys. Rachel xxx

Thanks Rachel. Well, of course he hit the nail on the head. Ironically, I had never heard of him until I looked up his picture on the
AA Roadwatch website:

His face is purple. And did the "I work in AA Roadwatch" line work with you Rachel? Get back to us...

Browsing around the site, you'll find some truly lovely pictures of the other traffic readers, including Nicola Hudson, who lists me as her favourite celeb!

"Favourite Celebrity: Dare I say Ray?"

That's me, right?

More Monday night from 10pm...


SunJan29 Best Evah Big Brovah...

Well, they say all good things must come to an end - but why so soooon?? Chantelle won, Preston sulked and Pete got what he deserved. Here are a few pics to keep the memories alive:

We finally get a look at Preston's cute girlfriend. She doesn't look too happy to be there. And she she looks like she's getting upset, plus who's yer man?

Preston: dead meat

The guy looks worried:

One of the funniest things was Jodie Gobshite's dirty looks as crazy Michael Barrymore was being interviewed:

And then he looks over:

And he looks back at Davina again:

Michael talks about Davina's poor taste in wallpaper:

Oh my God! Our winner?

Our REAL winner - God bless you, Traci:

And God Bless those ceiling cameras!

They're calling it the best ever Big Brother... I'd say so.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TuesJan24 Diss Diss Diss Diss...

Have you noticed that's all Dennis Rodman says in celeb Big Brother? I just watched last night's episode.

"You say diss diss diss diss! Ah don' give a shit!"

Ok Dennis. You freak! Speaking of CBB, I've also come up with an idea for tonight's show - more from 10pm.


Try it with rude words, like bollocks:

Very immature. Shouldn't you be working?


Monday, January 23, 2006

SunJan22 Let's Not Kid Ourselves...

You don't give a rat's ass how the weekend went, you just want to download that pisstake of us.

Fine. Just right-click here, and save as...

In other news, Tricky has started singing! Check it out just before 11pm Sunday - Thursday.

Not much else to report, other than ordering soup at a restaurant in Athlone on Saturday night, and getting a tiny cup of cold mush with a breadstick in it.

We thought it was one of those trendy "gives teeny portions" places, so bitched amongst ourselves (didn't say a word to the waitress) until the actual soup arrived:

And then we felt like total gobshites.

More music and talk from 10pm


Thursday, January 19, 2006

ThuJan19 Mini Blast

Aaron emailed with a very funny Blast parody:

Click here to listen


WedJan19 Bless You...

Have you heard that ad for Rubex? The spooky "bless you" thing at the end of it just weirds me out.

I got a couple of pissy texts from people ordering me to update the website - I haven't been on because I've been a bit busy. I'm currently attempting to buy a house, so it's been running around talking telephone numbers with money people (sharks) for the past couple of days. Seriously: what's the point in all the hassle for a place to live in? It's not like it does anything. It just sits there, with a roof and windows. And a door.

Doesn't Emma Ledden sound all sexy on our jingles? Quite a few people were on to us describing their feelings (mainly physical) about her voice. And yeah, some of the stuff we got her to say is pretty kinky. Picture of Emma's bum at Oxegen here... And I particularly enjoy those pics of JP and the strange bloke at the funfair:

Ha ha! Those crazy bastards.

That was a great weekend.

In other news... yes, there are Irish people fighting in Iraq - no, before you go saying there are Irish people fighting all over the world, these ones are actually soldiers in the British Army... driver theory test - mine is on Feb 8th... That Damien Marly ad - I'm great, and available for more. Just call my agent (mum)... How long are me & JP mates? Nearly 8 years. 8 years I'll never get back...



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

MonJan16 I've Got Soul, But...

Lads, I've become totally caught up in Big Brother. But for the fact my girlfriend's asleep in bed, I'd have been screaming at the telly. Preston just keeps getting himself into trouble - he's so dumped when he gets out. I can see where he's coming from though, most of the time.

I bought an exercise bike today. My life has become a cliché. Kill me now, before I start wearing cotton wristbands.Nice lady not included.

I've spent most of the day listening to the new Jamie Foxx album. It's pretty good - nothing AMAZING, but good. Played the single, Unpredictable. Quite John Legend, we thought.

I also played the remix of The Killers - All These Things That I've Done. I like it, but was worried about possible Killer-fan backlash. All-in-all, we still got more positive texts about it - most from Killer-fans!

Foley'll Fix It

Do you have any idea what the theme tune to 'Anonymous' (on RTE2 on Mondays) is? It's bloody great and I'd love to buy it! Thanks! Ben

Hi Ben - no, I don't know. But I have asked those lovely people on
Click here for the board.


TRICKY!!! A bed.

TOBAGGG...SB!!! Queens of The Stone - No-one Knows



Monday, January 16, 2006

SunJan15 (Ray Shrugs...)

Not what I'd call an award-winning show. Because we've NEVER EVEN BEEN NOMINATED FOR ANY AWARDS!

Not that I'm bitter - but vote for D'arcy. We have a bet on that he'll win. All the details are here...

We're giving away tickets to the awards all this week too!

Not much to update you on in tonight's show. I find that if I spend the day sitting in doing nothing, I never have anything to talk about on the show, making things even more tedious than usual - so, after a weekend sitting in and doing nothing... you know yourself.

A glove.

Foo Fighters - Times Like These

Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia







Friday, January 13, 2006

ThuJan12 Living For The Weekend...

Ah, it's here. Thank God. I haven't watched any CBB yet, so nothing to report (or rant) on that.

Something that does get my back up are taxi drivers. Now, I'm not against taxi drivers - not at all. In fact, taxi drivers do the shite work many of us would laugh at the idea of doing. Do you know anyone other than a taxi driver who'd open up their car for strangers to piss and puke in? Plus, I have taxi-driving family - all great and lovely people. No, the taxi drivers I can't stand are those that have a chip on their shoulder about how soft they think my job is. Like tonight:

Driver: So, where are ya comin' from tonight?
Foley: I was in work, actually...
Driver: Working this late? Jayz that's rough.
Foley: Yeah, but someone's gotta do it.
Driver: So where do you work?
Foley: I work in Today FM there on Abbey Street.
Driver: Ah - cushy number then.
Foley: What the fuck do you mean by that, you presumptuous prick?

I didn't say that last bit. But what really pisses me off is that I'm then forced to LIE to these taxi drivers who assume I've got it easy. When they ask "So, what time are you back in tomorrow night?" I'll reply: "Ah, I usually go in around midday - I have a lot of work to get done" (TOTAL LIE). When they ask what I actually do in Today FM, I tell them I'm a researcher and producer (sounds like much harder work than "eh, play songs?") and when they ask me what Ray Foley's like, I tell them he's a hugely talented and funny guy. Yeah, another lie.

I do know I've got it soft in a lot of ways: the hardest work part of what I do really happens in the two hours on air. The rest of the preparation can happen throughout the day on my own time, and the only deadline is 10pm. I work with my best mate in one of the coolest places to work in the country, where there's an actual sense of getting shit done and having the craic at the same time. And I'm a DJ - I mean, who could fault it?

Drawbacks? There are a few - it is a job, after all. But let's not get all negative. And maybe I just can't think of any.

I think the next time I get into a taxi, the first thing I'll say is:

"Hey, how're things? So, you're a taxi driver, yeah? Sitting on your hole all day, driving 'round, meeting new people. And you get paid for it? You've got a cushy number, don't you?"

In the show: Had a heart attack - thanks for all the texts of concern. Both of them. And also to everyone who texted "Yay - now it's JP's show!" Hundreds of them... I'm broke and payday is too far away... JP was in a mood tonight... this "ers" thing is really taking off: put "ers" at the end of your county name. eg: Wicklow = Wickers, Kildare = Killers etc. Why? Dunno... Wacky Tacky Numbers Game was won - basically the last guessed number of the 50 was the right one - hilarious! Tune in for more of same Sunday at 10.45... Nd wll ppl plz strt uszn mor vwls n dr txtz. Itz rlly strtn to pzz me off...

TRICKY!!! Trust

TOBAGGG...SB!!! Royksopp - Eple (Fatboy Slim Remix)

LAST REQUEST!!! Gorillaz - Dirty Harry

Back on Sunday from 10pm. Don't just tell a friend, tell EVERY frickin' ONE!

I love you - 'night.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blast! Music - 12th January

Finally! The first music update of the year!

50 Cent – Hustler’s Ambition
Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down
Ashlee Simpson – Boyfriend
Bell X1 – Rocky Took A Lover
Beyonce/Destiny’s Child – Check On It
Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
Braund Reynolds – Rocket (Natural Gambler)
Coldplay – Talk
Dave McCullen – Bitch
Editors - Munich
Eminem – When I’m Gone
Hi Tack – Say Say Say
Hound Dogs – I Like Girls
Kanye West ft Adam Levine – Heard ‘Em Say
Madonna – Sorry
Mylo – Muscle Cars
Notorious BIG et al – Nasty Girl
Pharell – Angel
Strokes – Juicebox
Sunblock – I’ll Be Ready
The Game – Put You On The Game
The Source ft Candi Staton – You Got The Love ’06 (Shapeshifters Mix)

Other stuff we've played once or twice:

Herd & Fitz – Just Can’t Get Enough
Meck – Thunder In My Heart Again

Ordinary Boys - Boys Will Be Boys
Tom Novy – Your Body

WedJan11 Excuse My French But...

...Michael Barrymore's off his fucking trolley.

What the HELL is he doing in that house? I just watched last night's (Wednesday's) update of Celeb Big Brother - I taped it - and there's a bit where he's just chatting to Chantelle and he just bursts into tears. She says "I was so tired earlier, I just felt like crying", to which he replies "I had me little cry earlier - I just think that was the way I was raised..." And the waterworks start! Now, I'm not being hard-hearted or unsympathetic here, but there really should be someone, ANYONE in the production team or behind the scenes at Big Brother that should ask "Woah, lads - maybe we shouldn't be doing this? This guy is crackers and he needs help". Isn't there a psychotherapist or something on hand to tell them when things are going awry?

And George Galloway's behaviour is so totally transparent it makes me want to vomit. "I wanted Michael to come back here to Britain and make a triumphant return - a comeback. I'm not going to let anyone get in the way of that. I want Michael to win".

If you watched last night's episode, you'll probably agree with me when I say Jodie Marsh is a tit, but there's no way she deserved the shit that was thrown at her from the whole house - even Maggot - last night. All of this Pete-fuelled nastyness will surely hopefully backfire on him. I just can't watch him walking around in tights. And don't get me started on Rodman. He's a grown man! I know fifteen-year-old lads that talk about sex less than him!

I know it's kindof looked-down-upon to be a Big Brother fan, but it's really interesting to watch the total breakdown of any kind of politeness they expressed to eachother in the first few days. There's no illusion of civilisation left in these people, mix with this their desperate desire to cling on to so-called celebrity and it knocks the socks off Desperate Housewives. Plus, it has Traci:

And this is only day 6!

And if you don't watch Big Brother, you don't have a breeze what I'm on about.

I know it's against my rules of the blog, but aplogies for the lack of updates. I've bought myself a new telly and it's just ace. 37 inch LCD TV. I've got my laptop hooked up to it and I'm writing from my couch as I type. I've been screwing around with aspect ratios and resolutions for the past two days and I'll put that forward as my excuse. But I'll tell you now: there's no greater pleasure that destroying a colossus or going on a crime spree on a 37 inch telly. Well, maybe there's one greater:


Back to proper show updates for Thursday, the last show of the week.



Friday, January 06, 2006

ThursJan05 This Isn't About The Show...

Yeah - had a good one thanks for asking. I might update for Thursday over the weekend - but probably won't.

I just wanted to write something about "Ricky Gervais Meets... Larry David" on Channel 4 last night. I taped it while I was on the radio, and just finished watching it now. I'm saving the opening nigt of Big Bro for later, but the Gervais interview was very... odd.

Ricky Gervais is obviously a very talented and accomplished comedian/writer/producer and it's clear he's a huge Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm fan only too delighted to be in the presence of Larry - but he was reallly licking his hole for a lot of it. Not that I expected to see Ricky confront Larry with some deep and meaningful arguments or ideas, but at the same time, it was kindof uncomfortable to see a guy who I'm a massive fan of BLANTANTLY kissing arse. Then again, I'm sure I'd probably do the same thing.

It was a very interesting and very funny show though - especially when they talk about how they've been dealing with their fame. And it's nice to see they're both just human, with all the insecurites and failings of the rest of us plebs. More here...

On the Big Bro thing: I just saw a minute of the live feed. GEORGE GALLOWAY?! This series has promise...

Back on air Sunday night from 10...


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

TuesJan03 GTA Liberty City Stories Cheats...

Loads of texts lookin' for PSP GTA cheats

Here's a link to the website I got all my cheats from...

In other news, it's your

Counterfeit Money

Dandy Warhols - Get Off

Phantom Planet - California

Downloaded a very funny show from the states, called The Colbert Report... if you like The Daily Show on More4 or even some news parody stuff like The Day Today, you might enjoy it. Check it out here... Also, I got a new keyboard, and my spelling on it is fcuking awfull...


MonJan02 Late Update....

I'm on air, and updating. Now that's website dedication.


The banister or... the carpet

TLC - No Scrubs

Nizlopi - JCB Song

Shadow the Hedeghog: shit, God of War: great, and Shadow of The Colossus: will be good.


Merry New Year: don't say merry - say happy new year, or merry Christmas, you wacky bastards.

Killers skipping - scratched CD - and not in a wickywicky DJ way

Ringtone ads - yo yos and moby. That's silly.

Didn't see Narnia

Gays: we're not.

Fondue - can be chocolate, cheese or meat...


Sunday, January 01, 2006

SunJan01 PS3 Problems?

Here's that link to the confusing bad news about Playstation 3... if you can understand what they're on about.

Basically all I can gather is that the processor is too good or something for the machine? I do hope that this is all untrue, because I WANT ONE!