Thursday, April 27, 2006

WedApr26 Woke Up This Mo'nin'...

In the past two days, I've watched fifteen episodes of the Sopranos. Need to get a life... Well, is a year old, as of the 25th! What a momentous occasion! Yeah, I forgot too. You can go back via the archives and see all the shite I've managed to spew over a whole year. Wow!

We're gonna do some more videos for the bebo page next week, and we'll have a fresh PodBlast for you after tomorrow night's show.

Gotta go: Tony needs me. His uncle's a prick and his mother's a bitch. And don't even get me started on the kids.

Back tonight from 10.


Monday, April 24, 2006

SunApr24 Studio Tour...

Ever wondered what the studio we broadcast from looks like? No? Well, should you someday do that wondering, you can see it over on the bebo page...

Oh, and the website is a year old tomorrow. Hip, hip, hip replacement.

And did you know I was once a journalist? As part of our journalism course (the one I pissed through six years of) they gace us NUJ press passes for students. Not once did they ever work at a nightclub door. And that was the only time I ever used mine.

Back tonight from 10!


Friday, April 21, 2006

ThuApr20 Shitstorm...

Got a swish new camera today. Took no cool pics with it though, so sorry about that. My old camera's a bit too big for a pocket, so I've been carrying it 'round in a little man-bag, and now I've been bullied into getting the sexy little bitch I now own.

Thank the drain-busting gods that are Dyno-Rod for saving the sewage day yesterday. If they had showed up an hour later (after it rained) our garden would've been filled with poo. But they arrived on time and had the whole thing done and dusted in 20 minutes. And yes, I was embarassed - caught with a chimney-sweeping brush down the drain...

And PodBlast episode 2 is live!!!! At least it will be later this morning. See below for how-to guide on how to get it.

Have a great weekend. Talk to you from Sunday@10 for a week of kickass shows.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

WedApr19 PodBlast How-To...

Okay, so you want a PodBlast but don't know how to get it?

A - Click here to download & install iTunes...

B - When it's all installed (and stay online) click on the Music Store button on the left-hand-side of the screen:

C - When that page loads, click on podcasts under "Choose Genre":

D - When that page loads, head over to the right-hand-side and look for "The PodBlast with Ray Foley" in the podcast chart:

E - Up pops the following:

so click "get episode" for the ones you haven't heard yet!

And it's all free!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TuesApr18 Aw Shit..

We've got sewage problems. No, not on the show: THAT's anything but shitty. We're having problems with shite at home - some sort of blocked pipe. And I'm not forking out a few hundred euro for some cowboy to come along and flush a bit of Ajax down it. So I'm gonna get dirty tomorrow. Aw shit.

Check out the tribute to JP: I don't think he's that good.

Does this guy look like me?

Don't think so...

We made it up to 3 in the podcasting charts! Not bad for a load of shite. You can download iTunes here, go to music store, podcasts, and over on the right in the chart is me. We're at 5 at the moment, which I'm happy with.

Started our new game, "Eh Yeah Okay" tonight. Caused outrage for cutting Julie off for saying "they are", which sounded like "yeah". We will give her some prizes...

Oh, and I'm a fudgepacker:

Bought it in TK Maxx today and it's lovely. Very sweet, but very nice.

Oh, and by the way:

You're a bollocks.

Back on from 10pm! Listen to my show!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MonApr17 Tra-friggin'-lee!

It was all about Club Fabric in Tralee tonight for another one of these:

Back on the radio 10pm Tuesday night 18th.

Be afraid. Be very afraid...

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Monday, April 17, 2006

SunApr16 Castle-friggin-bar!

Spent Sunday evening in the company of this lot in the TF in Castlebar.

A great night had by... me.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

SatApr15 Blog Wars...

Wow! Number four in the Irish iTunes podcasting chart! Who knew so many people would be interested in downloading us waffling about swearing and JP's new Xbox 360 for 17 minutes!


I'm just in from that trip to London I've been boasting about, and it was absolutely fucking class! My blogging-arch-nemesis,
Rick O'Shea was there:

He was feverishly phone-snapping everything he could possibly use on his blog, thereby forcing me to do the same. The sonofabitch also chatted to my very biggest hero who I didn't have the balls to go and talk to, Chris Moyles. Who works for one of the cooler UK stations:

I was there like, four times, just about to walk up to him, and chickened out each time. Anyway, what do you say to someone in that situation? I love your work? Take me I'm yours? I can't imagine getting anything out of it other than being able to say I met him. And maybe a photo, which I'm sure Rick will be sharing with you on his blog, pissing me off all the more... grrr.

In other news (yes, I went photo-mad: I told you, it felt like a competition) what are the headphone sockets on bank machines in England for?

The posts below are pics from the London trip which included gays, girls, and of course, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

See some Dani California, as taken by me (you should be able to see me half-way through when the screen goes black but it was too dark) on the bebo page. Click "Foley on Bebo" over to the right.

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SatApr15 Before The Gig..

Arrived in London (see red busses and black cab)

Posed for pics outside venue:

Snapped big lights-show yoke on wall for forthcoming album:

Went inside.
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SatApr15 The Gig...

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SatApr15 After The Gig...

Went to a place called Egg, as recommended by some lunatic outside the concert venue. Shithole.

Then we went on to someplace called Scala, which had a gay night on:

Now, I'm as gay-friendly as the next straight-guy-who's-not-gay guy but a gay night would NOT be my cup of tea at all. I was truly not happy with the idea of spending the next few hours at a gay event but it turned out to be one of THE BEST nights out (stop it) I've had in a long time.

Music making me dance like a crazy gay loon was Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, The Prodigy, Bodyrockers, Garbage, Basement Jaxx and more stuff you don't think of when you think of big gay discos.

It made spending time with all the gays bearable:

* not actually gay.
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Friday, April 14, 2006

FriApr14 No PodBlast!!!

We're still waiting on the PodBlast to make it to iTunes.

It's a very simple procedure, I'm told, but that doesn't mean anyone's actually DOING it. That's the problem with relying on other people to get shit done. It will all be sorted and working by next Friday, when it'll go live at around 2am every Friday - because I'll be the one putting it on.

It's out of my hands at this stage, but you can expect to hear it for download at some stage over the Easter weekend.

Hey, we're not even on yet, and we're already at number 10!

Sorry lads, but we're still just getting started.


ThuApr13 PodBlast!!!

Well, it's here, and we're already number 39 in the Irish iTunes podcasting chart!

I think that amounts to like, 4 downloads.

Check it out on iTunes if you have it, or we'll have a link on pretty soon too.

Bear with us - we're still getting the hang of the whole podcast thing - it'll get better. We hope.

Have a good weekend. See you in Mayo or Kerry (or London!) over the Easter.

Back on air Tuesday 18th.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

WedApr13 11AM Meetings...

JP insists on having meetings in the station at 11am, so I have to get me arse out of bed at the ungodly hour of ten! Prick.

The website's nearly a year old now by the way, and the PodBlast! is about to be spawned...

Ok, I'm off to bed.



Wednesday, April 12, 2006

TuesApr11 Mmmm... Slippers...

This is what I've become:

I know it's wrong, but it's just that I feel like a different person when I'm inside these puppies: it's like the tension and stresses of everyday life just melt away...

So, what have I been up to?


The PodBlast is lauching this weekend!!! Finally, we're ready to roll out episode one of what is sure to be the internet's hottest audio download. More details on the air later tonight. To get involved, you'll need to be listening...

I'm DJ-ing in not one, but two of Ireland's finest venues over the Easter weekend!

On Sunday night 16th, I'm doing the EASTER BLAST! in The Traveller's Friend in Castlebar. Full details here if you're interested...

And the next night, Easter Monday 17th, I'll be "on the decks" at Club Fabric in lovely Tralee! More details here...

And I'm still buying a house! More details here...

My Xbox 360 games are:
  • Kameo
  • Project Gotham Racing
  • Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • Call of Duty 2 (my fave so far)
I'm dying to get my hands on Burnout: Revenge. Played the demo online from Xbox Live, and it's very cool. Will someone please send me a free one? PLEASE?

I've also been playing Tomb Raider Legends on my PS2, and it's true what they're saying: Lara really is back on-form. And the owl PS2 still has it's old-skool charms.

And finally...

Let the slaggin's begin, as Bebo has now allowed the showing of home video on personal pages. The one on my page was taken the night of the pancake-off, when our oldie-but-a-goodie was Sub Sub - Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use). I thought Al was taking a photo, but no, he was recording my ridiculous dancing. Click here for more...

Join us from 10pm.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

WedApr05 Xbox 360...

I may have mentioned I got a FREE Xbox 360 last week. Well, I'm all hooked-up on the Xbox Live thing. It's very cool.

There's this thing on it called the Xbox live arcade, where you can download hi-definition games for a fiver AND I hear Streetfighter 2 is about to be released on it! Cool!

Anyway, as the geek factor rises, I draw your attention to my Xbox Live gamer card over to the right. You can get yours at if you're already an Xbox Live user.

If you don't know what the hell I'm on about, move on with your day as though nothing ever happened.

All my love,


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

TuesApr04 Ramblings Of A Pop-Jock...

This Bebo thing has totally distracted from the whole point of – it’s almost taken over as a more interactive form of blogging. But I want to get back to my .net roots, so here I am with a proper, full-blown rant/essay/ramble/shite-on (take your pick) for your boredom. I’m enjoying a bowl of cold ricicles, and will sit down to episode 16 of season 7 of The West Wing after this. It’s election day. Download it.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the show lately, and it strikes me that the more I’ve been thinking about it, the worse things are getting. See, we’ve been on the air for nearly two years now, and in that time the show has mutated into the ugly nighttime beast you now know and love. Over that time there has been no real “grand scheme of things” or “point” to the Blast: it was all about taking the piss, having a laugh and playing some good tunes. Plain and simple, right? Right.

Then people start listening – yes, yes, only 25 people. But they matter. And JP starts working on the show, and now there’s a “team” of us, putting this crap on the air. And now college is over, and I start to think about maybe buying a house. And then the bank asks me what I do for a living. And then I shit myself. What do I do for a living?

How can taking the piss and playing a few tunes with your best mate be a career choice? Surely there must be some “work” to it? Surely, it should be difficult? Surely, I should be bursting my balls to make the show bigger and better, become a megastar DJ, and make millions to pay for my new mortgage? Surely!

So now I’m a grown-up (technically) and I’m thinking (after nearly two years) that I need to knuckle down, and start real work on the show. Things need to change ‘round here – it’s just not good enough. So I start stressing out. And a stressed-out gobshite does not a good DJ make. And then it all falls to shite.

Tonight, things weren’t going well for a while, until JP tried to use his beard as Velcro on the studio wall. Dumbass. But I realize that this shite was what the show used to be, and that’s what we’re gonna do again.

Tonight a new Blast rule was born, and if you ever feel the show needs a kick up the arse, feel free to email or text to remind us:

The Blast: Paid To Not Give A Shit©

It’s a new dawn, kids. Now get back to work. And remember batin's for ratin's as you do.


Monday, April 03, 2006

MonApr03 Tracey...

Cheers to Tracey for doing a bang-up job filling in over the weekend. Spent the time off eating a stupid amount of food (mmm), watching The Constant Gardener (only okay) drinking wine (very posh) swimming (only once) and listening to Tracey Lee filling-in for me (how sad).

Back tonight from 10 lads!