Friday, May 26, 2006

Thumay25 BYEEEEE!!!!!

Off on holidays next week, and there's a good chance of Floody.

And for all you webbies, we've a very spcial treat on the iTunes thingy: a daily while-we're-on-holidays PodBlast! Get onto iTunes and subscribe now, and you'll get a brand new mini-show to your computer each day next week presented by me & JP!

We talk about gays, games, posh kids, 2FM and much, much less...

Have a great week we'll chat to you Sunday night the 4th of June!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

ThuMay25 JP's Mom...

I've had a few emails today asking for JP's mom to be put on the internet. I have pointed out she's on numerous websites I won't link you to across the internet, but then I realised the requests were for the song.



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WedMay24 I Will Revise...

Having a hard time studying? Let The Blast help...

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WedMay24 Big Bro...

First off: hello and fair play to my broadband provider, Irish Broadband. I had enough shite experiences with them early on in my service to want to kill one or all of the people who work there, but I've had pretty much perfect service for months now, and not a dickie bird about the tons of stuff I've been downloading (yes, mostly porn).


Well, I've somehow managed to avoid it up to his point, but after tonight's show I managed to fully immerse myself in the Big Brother experience. I wasn't really into last year's, but I can already feel the draw of the telly for BB7.

I know, I know: it's stupid, moronic, voyeuristic, sad. I do know when I'm watching it that I really ought to be doing more high-brow stuff like drinking red wine and reading books.

But it's just sooooo good!

Ok, so I taped Tuesday and Wednesday night's shows and watched them back to back just now. This 37-year-old (gay of course - it's Big Brother, after all) nutcase Shahbaz pissed off everyone in the gaff by well, being totally mental.

I have to say I really did feel for him though as the rest of the COMPLETE IDIOTS in the house treated him like turd. At one point they locked him out of the house with no clothes. These are grown men and women, and the guy clearly had a mental issue.

I'd also like to say well done to whatever producer thought it would be a good idea (AGH!) to put a lad with tourettes (RRRR!) into Big Brother.

It's totally wrong, but totally right for TV. He's actually a really nice fella, and at the moment he's my favourite to (WANK!) win the thing - but does anyone else get the impression that he's either

a) faking it

or at the very least

b) milking it for all it's worth.

It's very good. There was a very funny bit where this dizzy bint, Nikki, crying because he'd "had such a hard life" and "all she wanted to do was take care of him - not in that way though".

And isn't the this chick scary as all hell?

And finally: who decided to put Vernon Kay in the house?

He looks more like him on the telly than in that pic to be fair.

And finally finally: yes, JP. Imogen's a fox.

If you'd like to email me me click here...

Talk more from 10pm...


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TuesMay23 Soz...

Apologies for the updating drought. Offline for the past 24 hours, but I'm here now.

This gym shit is a pain in the balls. I'm going as much as I can but I need to write off 2 hours of my day to do it. Anyway, it's all go go go.

Going on holidays next week. JP's taking the week off too, but not coming with us. I think the best thing for JP and I right now is to spend some time apart.

Wow - now that was a good update. And to think: 2-and-a-half-thousand people look at this page every week.

Back on air at 10pm.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

SatMay20 Forking Hell...

Just back from a cracking weekend in Edinburgh for the Emap radio awards. Well done to sister station people FM104, who won everything. Seriously, everything.

Coming back through the airport, there's a big plastic bin where you dump your terrorism tools, and as you can see, several gobshites packed forks.

What kind of a fucking eejit brings a fork on a flight?

Better yet, what kind of a fucking eejit would try to use one to nick a plane?

Back on air Sunday night. 10pm.

That will be all... for now.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

WedMay17 Anyone For Tennis?

Q: What do you call three dumbfucks in a studio?

A: The Blast

Up there on the left is Al, as in Funky-Phone-Boy Al who'll be in this week's PodBlast, also you can expect a new song from Ray Foley and The Ray Foley Singers on Thursday night's show, and there was something else about Thursday I needed to remember... anyway listen to the show from 10pm.

Hi Maz.

Mary's our pal who reads here every day. She's gay.

(And now she's not reading this line because she's sending a snotty text message).

And I'm spent.

That will be all... for now.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TuesMay16 My Mi Wadi...

Have you heard that radio ad with the kid who doesn't know his Dad? The kids are in the playground and one snot-nosed brat's bitching because his "da" brought him to a match in teh rain? The one wit' oll the posh Syth-soider kids in it?

These ads piss me off. There are
how many children in this country that don't speak like D4 twats, but these annoying few shits always make it onto the telly and radio.

And why? Because their tight-arse mammy or daddy is the advertising exec saving a few quid by having their kid do it. No, not all advertising execs are D4 twats, but the tightarse ones are.

Remember the little runt on the MiWadi ad? "It's nosh yoor moi wodgi, it's moi wodgi".

Fuck. Off.

I prefer Robinson's.

Yes, I'm a little cranky tonight.

That will be all... for now.


Monday, May 15, 2006

SunMay14 Livin' For The Weekend...

Had an amazing weekend. On Friday night, me mate Tracy was having her going away drinks as she moves from working in Bray to the big smoke, so I went along for bit of violence.

I think he may fancy me. He's got loads of photos of me anyway.

Nearly had a row with the eyebrow dude:


Got a taxi home and the driver was a lovely fella, who's a photographer! Very good he is too. His website's here.

Then surfed around to my bebo page, where there's a brilliant Bree Van de Kamp writing some very Bree stuff. If you're a 'Housewives fan, you'll love it too. Check it out here.

Saturday night was my girlfriend's mam's birthday party!

Somone ate all the chocolate cake!

And my girlfriend got quite snotty, since she was really looking forward to it:

That actually is Kate's snot. The camera's THAT good. And I'm dead now.

I'm off to play some Burnout: Revenge and he new Tomb Raider on the Xbox 360. My Xbox It has it's own website, you know. Click here to see what it's been up to.

Back on air from 10!

That will be all...

...for now.


Friday, May 12, 2006

ThuMay12 Summer's Here!

What, you expected me to be doing updates when the sun's shining? Eh, no thanks.

I've actually been quite busy on a little solo project I've been working on as a painter. No, not like, as a painter painter like Da Vinci, but painting the skirting boards in our hall.

And look!

Get onto iTunes, for another weekend of waffle!

Have a good one.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

TuesMay09 600 Quids...

Anyone else sick to the back teeth of Vodafone's web-shite?

Well I am.

What's the point in advertising your free web text service all over the place if your flippin' website doesn't work? And why did I want to send JP a text at half two in the morning?

Sony have announced official plans for the PS3 release! I've taken to doing some surfing after the shwow at night, where a bunch of nerds were watching an online videocast of the live Sony E3 launch in LA that Microsoft wouldn't bring us to. Anyway, I joined the geek crowd and started watching. We saw vids for some cracking games, including Heavenly Sword, which has left a mess in my pants it looks so good.

The Sony boss fella showed us the official new PS3 controller. Which is just the same as the other ones. But it's wireless and moves stuff on the screen when you just moved the controller around. Mad.

And then they got to the juicy stuff:

There will be two versions of the PS3: one with a 20GB hard drive and another with 60GB. The console is on sale the 17th of November IN YOUR LOCAL SHOP IN IRELAND! and will cost either €499 (20GB) or €599 (60GB model).

There you go. I stayed up and got that for you. Because I love you. You won't get Ian Dempsey doing that for you. Yes, because he's up for work in the morning.


Monday, May 08, 2006

MonMay08 Blast Breaks Bebo...

Well, it's official: I'm too popular.

Apparently my bebo page is fucked, due to the thousands of friends and hundreds of thousands of comments I've got on it over the past month or two.

So now you'll see the significantly-less-good other DJ's on Bebo growing friends, page views and comment numbers, while my page dies a death, a victim of it's own ginormous success.

Well, I've won. Let's leave Bebo crying in the corner like a pussy. We beat that bitch.

It was time to go back to porn anyway.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

SatMay06 Episode 4...

Get onto iTunes, and get episode 4!

Number 6 at the moment!

See number ten there? That's Keith and Joe on Spin's Breakfast Xpress. We were talking about them in our PodBlast this week. So click on their Chris Martin 'cast to see what we were on about.

Talk Sunday night from 10...

That will be all... for now.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

ThuMay04 Cork to Roscommon...

I've also been dicking around with putting audio on the site. Here's that marvellous Cork to Roscommon (or Ros-commin') tune.

This audio and video lark is all in trial mode with us at the moment, and we need to keep stuff for the PodBlast, so I think I might only put bits from the show online for a day or two after we do it - also because there's not much room to put loads of files up, we have to keep audio to a minimum.

So, er, "enjoy" this while you can.


WedMay03 Yee-Haw...

It's one of those very VERY few situations that I can't go into here, but I'm very fucked off right now. I've typed and re-typed this sentence several times since I've given too much away about what the situation is in every other edit of it, so I won't go any further. But I am VERY fucked off.

Luckily, JP's here to lighten the mood:

George (JARGE!) Murphy's people sent everyone daft cowboy hats along with the copy of his latest single.

No, of course we won't be playing it! You're gonna have to do a damn sight better than plastic cowboy hats lads!

Back on the radio from 10pm!

That will be all...

...for now. hi laura


WedMay03 Yee-Haw Video...

If the video does not display properly
click here to upgrade to Flash 8

Apprently I can put video here.

So here goes nothin'...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

TuesMay02 Mags...

In a well-known newsagent's this afternoon, and spotted a magazine cover that just pissed me off:

Don't ask me why it pissed me off to the extent that it did. I think it's the fact that she's such a tit (Lohan) and screen legend (Streep) is making a bigger tit of herself by posing so ridiculously luvvy-like with her.

The mood was instantly lightened however, as I picked up my monthly subscription:

Ha ha! How funny is that? See the bottom, where it reads

"14 DANCES INCLUDING: FUNKY COUNTRY - WOMAN TROUBLE - DO DAT DANCE - SWEET ADDICTION". I think Craig there on the cover has a sweet addiction to jewellery. But I wonder if he has any woman trouble?

How big a spa am I taking photos of magazine covers in Easons on a Tuesday afternoon?

And finally... they had a lovely melon on display last week at the Chili Peppers listening party:

That will be all... for now.

On air at 10pm!


Monday, May 01, 2006

MonMay01 Dancin' Daisy...

One for the lads, this.

Copy and paste the above into your address bar.

Back on the radio from 9pm!