Thursday, June 29, 2006

FriJune30 "When He Chooses To Be..."

Kind words from one Richard O'Shea in interview here. Of course, I always choose to be, so I'm always great. No smiley face, because I'm not kidding.

It's pishing rain in Dublin tonight, and there's a big barbeque piss-up planned for tomorrow evening which might be a washout - but sure, as long as the beer's on tap I'm there.

I'm doing my last day on the Ray D'arcy show tomorrow. It's been great craic, but I'll be glad to be finished. It's the closest thing I've done to hard work in about four years. Just to update you on the next few weeks, there have been some changes.

Next week (3-7 July) I'm on for Tony Fenton 12-2pm

Then the next two weeks (10-21 July) I'm on breakfast for Iano.

Then it's back home on nights from Sunday night, the 23rd July.

Went to Take That on Wednesday night. May have had one drink too many, but it was a brilliant show. Click on the pics for bigger images.

Of course, it's a pain in the balls when you spend two hours trying to get a fucking taxi in Dublin:

It's absolutely unbelieveable. The biggest event in the city is on, and taxi drivers avoid the area like the plague. Duh! God bless you Cork, Limerick, Galway and every other township beyond the pale: you don't know you're born.


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ThurJune29 Helena!

Met Helena Christensen today. As you do.

She's very cool.

She also has her hand on my ass.


Friday, June 23, 2006

ThurJune 22 Test The Nation...

Go take a look at the new flash on me Bebo.

Not a big footie fan as you know, but Jesus - Ronaldinho is just amazingly talented. The video is accompanied by a tune I rather like too: Fort Minor - Remember The Name

This girl was on holidays and I'm sorry I didn't have my proper digital camera with me for the pics, becasue she looks EXACTLY like Miriam O'Callaghan, her off RTE telly.

She's actually quite a bit younger than Miriam in person, but to look at her, she's the spit. IS it rude to sit next to someone's table and take a picture of them?

Finally: no show for 3 weeks! Very friggin' sorry about this. Floody will as usual cover superbly as I go daytime again (lord help us).

26th June - week filling in for Ray D'arcy

3rd July - week filling in for Ian Dempsey

8th & 9th July - OXEGEN!!!

10th July - week filling in for Tony Fenton

I think I'm now officially the fill-in bitch. So I'll hopefully be back with you on Sunday 16th July. We'll have some cool podcasting stuff for you too while we're off, so keep checking it on iTunes, and I'll be here on too.

Here comes the weekend...


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TueJune20 Paparazzi...

Finally got the Samsung phone to give up the photos I've taken over the past couple of months, though I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed with the quality of them compared to the Nokia.

Anyway, here's my brother in Eason's, where he's made a new friend:

Taken on holiday, I had the feeling something was familiar about this book, but I have no idea what...

Deep breaths, Rick.

And finally, in Castlebar on Friday night a guy called Mouse showed me his nubbin:

Yes, that's a wee baby thumb growing out of his proper thumb - he calls it his rampant rabbit.

See his website

Tomorrow: pics of a girl in Lanzarote who looks EXACTLY like Miriam O'Callaghan. Exciting stuff you'll agree.

Back on air, 10pm.


Monday, June 19, 2006

MonJune19 Very Board Now...

Well, boards has whipped itself up into a frenzy over my reply to them.

What have they said?

Well, they've slagged my hair. They've asked who the hell I am (which is fair enough).

They've said they'll beat me up.

And my favourite: they say I'm gay.


I did expect better, but there you go. I notice that most of the people in this tizzy are moderators, the ones I have most of an issue with.

If you're a regular user of boards who thinks I criticised you, then think again. I think boards is a brilliant website, which I hugely enjoy reading myself. But there are always a few who'll spoil the experience, and those few are the ones I hoped to address in my last post. It seems I managed that.

Stick a fork in me: I'm done. You'll hear no more from me on this subject.

Okay, I'm off to buy some makeup.


SunJune18 Look At Me! I'm Flying!

What a jetsetter I am: flew down to knock airport on Friday for one of the most fun DJ nights I've ever done. Actually, scrap that - for the most fun DJ night I've ever done - in the TF Royal Theatre Castlebar.

Went drinking with the ever-so-less-famous Nikki Hayes (who I kept calling Nikki Brennan) afterward, and pouted like this all night:

Loads of pictures are in my phone somewhere, but they won't come out when I shake it. Went home to Ballina on Saturday and flew up to Dublin from Sligo earlier:

Would you call a baby hand buggage? Cold!



SunJune18 Boardom...

Apologies for the lack of updatery, folks. It's just I've been waging my own private war with the cretins of Yes, yes: I ought to ignore the ill-thought-out ramblings of nerds holed up in their mam's darkened front rooms. I ought to be the better man, turn the other cheek, get a life. I am the one with the job, after all. But here we go.

It's not that people calling me a cnut particularly bothers me. Believe it or not, I'm quite used to that at this stage. No, it was the idiocy of the people charged with keeping things clean - the moderators - that bothered me. Yes, I'm rising to it, but it's got me up on the soap-box now, so I'll go on.

Basically, a girl listener visited boards to tell them about the show - in the name of the feature we used to have "Don't tell a friend - tell EVERYONE!". It was a kind, pleasant gesture from a well-meaning listener. Shortly after her post, a moderator - someone who works for boards to keep an eye on things and make sure no-one takes the piss - someone who MODERATES - basically wrote that loads of people hate the show and should feel free to slag it and me off. I got in touch with this "moderator", this Gavin, aka Monkeyfudge, (whom, for the purposes of this article, we shall call Gavinfudge) and politely and privately pointed out to him that his post was a bit one-sided and might just encourage people to be nasty. In simple terms, I told him he wasn't being very moderate.

Gavinfudge didn't agree. He told me he's a wannabe radio presenter with very little talent and as embittered as he is, he himself doesn't like the show, so he felt he should start a thing slagging me off. No, I'm kidding. That's not true. He replied, saying he "thought" his remarks were not one-sided, and he said he'd stop things if people were just nasty. Fair enough, so I let it go. I checked in a few days later, and things started to get stupid, as a free-for-all slagging me had kicked off.

As I explained to him, it wasn't the slagging that pissed me off. That I'm used to: it was that HE - the MODERATOR - was the one who started it. So I (again, privately) got back to him and told him he wasn't doing a very good job keeping things civilised, as the thread got more and more pathetic. He said I should go above his head and complain. I told him I wasn't going to do that but he should have been more thoughtful about his actions, told him I was done with him and boards, and asked to have my account deleted from boards. He then went and started slagging me off himself!

My account has been disabled by another "moderator", so-called "Talliesin", on the grounds that I was spamming them - that I was posting the same thing hundreds of times. I think I've posted like, 20 messages on it ever - GavinFudge has written nearly 7,000. Talliesin, over 4,000. So I wanted to voice my objection to being called a spammer, but of course, now I'm blocked, there's no right-to-reply with these keyboard nazi's so I'm here to set the record straight.

As I've already said, I do know I ought to be the bigger, better person, but from listening to the show, I'm sure you know we don't do big, and we certainly don't do better. So that's my side of the story. I must say I thought the name came from the messageboards it's based on. As it turns out, you need to be as thick as two short planks to work for them.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WedJune14 Terry Tate...

"There's only one thing better than having a linebacker in your office - and that's having two linebackers in your office."

Some very funny video over on the Ray Foley bebo page. I nicked it from Ben O'Mahony who suggested I check it out. Seeing girls get rugby-tackled is just so frickin' funny. It's wrong, yes - but funny.

You can check out more Terry Tate here...


Sunday, June 11, 2006

SunJune11 More 'Hogs...

Was just putting some rubbish in the wheelie bin, which we keep out the front, when I spot this roundy yoke plodding along the, ahem, "flower bed":

He didn't seem that bothered by me. Let me take a couple of snaps and as soon as my back was turned, off he plodded again.

This is getting a bit sad now, I know.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

SatJune10 Hedgehogs...

I'm a right Bill Oddie now. I was enjoying a barbeque in the balmy evening heat when I chucked a chicken bone into the shrubs at the side of the garden.

Ten minutes later, we hear this scratching sound of something eating the bone. I thought it'd be a dirty big rat, but no: we have our very own, KFC-lovin' hedgehog!

I left another bone on the lawn thinking he'd come out for it, but he didn't show. But it was gone this morning, the cheeky fecker.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

FriJune09 Kiss Kiss...

...Bang Bang!

Val Kilmer has always pissed me off. From his Top Gun days when he was supposed to piss me off to his Batman misadventure when he wasn't, to The Island of Dr Moreau, which was so bad it pissed me off to an interview I saw with him where he was such an ass it REALLY pissed me off.

But now I think he's great. He's the best thing in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which I'm sorry to say I've only managed to rent this weekend. The dialogue is great, there are loads of boobies in it, and now I'm not so pissed off with Val.

Then there's Robert Downy Jr's performance. That kindof pissed me off.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

MonJune05 Bad Hair Days...

My girlfriend just dug up a couple of photos from Jan 2004, taken just before a long-due haircut.

Funny shit.

By the way, I will post the results of "Ray Foley Presents... The Divorce Album" very soon...

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Monday, June 05, 2006

SunJune04 "I Wish...

...I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair." Weren't hippies the ones with flowers in their hair? Weren't punks bald? Or spikey? Or Mohican?

Dead roach from Lanzarote says hi:

Well, we're back on the air, and all is well once again. At least that is, until Monday when we're on 6-9pm and then doing the D'arcy show the next morning. Then back to normal on Wednesday night.

More holiday snaps! My girlfriend's arse:

Well, a very close close-up. I'd be killed if I showed the real thing without getting some sort of 10 grand deal first.

Kittens attacking my phone charger:

There were four wee kittens that kept hanging around on our balcony. Dirty bastards but funny to watch.

I've had this weird feeling all/

AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I seem to have lost the ability to type! It's taking me an hour to get this written! Jesus!

I'll start again: I've had this weird feeling all day that that I've forgotten something. I haven't actually forgotten anything, but it feels like it. I have a cold coming on, and I'm taking everything I can to fend it off, so maybe that's why. An interesting story, no? Nope.

And now the sunburn picture you've all been waiting for:

Bad face day.

More bullshit etc from 6pm.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

ThuJune01 2 Minute Update...

Hey lads

The clock on the shitty internet cafe computer is counting down and I have 1 min 40 secs left.

Burnt my face... pissed most nights... face peeling... look like one of the lads from Lordi...

Ethethethethethethe scorchio.

Back on air Sunday night 10pm
Monday night 6-9pm
Tuesday morning 9am-12 (yes: THAT show...)

That will be all... for now...