Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TuesJuly25 Hoff His Rocker...

Just saw the most bizarre music video online:

Check it out here.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

SunJuly23 Back In The Saddle...

After four weeks off filling-in for Ray, Tony and Iano, we're back on air tonight from 10!

But first:

They were selling vibrators in the jacks. In the jacks!

Giant seagulls in Howth.

Some burds, wha? Wha??

Gig in the TF, Castlebar last weekend - where one dude got a little too close to the DJ box...

And see the duck in the picture below? She's nesting three stories up, outside the office window of the boss of Universal Music. Dave says she's there every year, and she and her ducklings walk four streets through busy Dublin traffic to the pond in St Stephen's Green. The office is next to the DIT on Aungier St in Dublin. Mad or what?

I'm just proving I've had a life over the past four weeks.

Now it's back to nights. And no life.


Talk at 10pm! Man, I'm looking forward to coming home!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

SatJuly22 In The Doghouse...

Been busy all week with the new arrival:

Her name's Izzy and she's the dumbest, craziest, lovliest ball of fur ever.

The funniest pic below was when her yelping brought me to the kitchen, to find she'd got her head stuck down behind the table leg. Maybe it was a tad cruel to take the picture before freeing her, but it was just so damn funny.

You can see, she's giving me a dirty look.
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Friday, July 21, 2006

FriJuly21 Bore-ya Wit Flora...

Aren't Flora taking the piss?

As it is, their marketing has me in a state with worry that I'll have a heart-attack or stroke if I don't eat it, but it's likely I'll have a heart-attack brought on by stress from worry that I'm not eating the right type of Flora.

And don't get me started on the Flora frying spray oil.
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Sunday, July 09, 2006

SunJuly09 Oxegen Part 3: The Grub

So I'm back from what looked set to be the better of the two Oxegen nights and pissed off about it - because I'm on for Ian Dempsey tomorrow morning. Managed to catch some Bell X1, Manu Chao and Kooks before I left this afternoon though.

The food was mighty again this year, with two noodle bars and the usual lovely Welsh lamb burgers to be enjoyed.

And I notice Haribo

Are targeting a more adult audience these days:

In the "meeja" area, we could enjoy a temporary Hard Rock Cafe structure, where JP had a cheeseburger:

And managed to meet his hero:

Tom's actually calling security.

Talk tomorrow morning 7am.

Fuck, that's early.

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SunJuly09 Oxegen Part 2: The Weather

Although the news kept saying things like "it may be pouring, but that hasn't dampened the spirits here at Oxegen" they lied. The mood was as foul as the shite weather. Not only was it raining, but there was a wind blowing that'd cut through you.

JP's nipples were so hard you could cut glass with them it was that cold.

So I bought the last available rain poncho.

Looks good, eh?

The daft thing was that EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE felt the need to tell me it was a girl's poncho. Yes, I knew that. But it was pissing rain. And I was dry. A big dry girl.

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SunJuly09 Oxegen Part 1: The Ladies

I haunted the media room of Oxegen for the day on Saturday, since it was pissing rain and the foxy ladies of MCD were there:

They're like Charlie's Angels - only they don't kill people or work for someone called Charlie.