Monday, October 23, 2006

SunOct22 Two Fun Weeks...

Well, that was a good couple of weeks off! I was off and home for the first week's holidays and then we went to London for a few days last week. We went to The Tower of London and The London Eye. Boring! It didn't go fast or anything and no-one fell off.

Then on Friday it was the PPI Radio Awards 2006. Jeez - that year went fast, didn't it? No, didn't win. Again. Had a load of great laughs even though some RTÉ chick was pig ignorant to me just as I arrived and they didn't have any extra cabbage at the dinner. I formed a boyband with the bloke who everyone fancies from the Blizzards (no, they don't work in radio) and the leg-end Dan Hegarty from 2FM. I was the singer (obviously) the Blizzards dude was the dancer and Dan was there to look pretty. We could've made it too. I have a photo somewhere.

Had a great time taking the piss out of one station that COMPLETELY LOST THE FUCKIN HEAD screaming and shouting when their station name was either mentioned or shown on screen. Basically, there are a load of awards being given out after a shortlist of nominees is announced. Each nominee is mentioned with their name on the big screen, and each station - which would have a couple of tables each (this station had 42 tables, I think) - would give a cheer of support as their name is read. These eejits FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT!!! "OH MY GOD!!! YEAH!!! I WORK THERE!!! AAAAGH!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!" Their table was next to ours so I joined in every time. They didn't like it. I did.

The reason one must take the piss out of this sort of thing is because a radio station is just like any other place of work. You go there, you do your job and have a laugh as much as you can (and there certainly is more of a chance of having one in a radio station) but you go home and have a life afterward. Not everyone likes all of their co-workers, not everyone has a good working relationship with their boss. Not everyone is über-excited about being there. It's just where you work. So they were just being stupid.

It is possible, of course, that everyone in this particular station SCREAM LIKE BLITHERING IDIOTS whenever they see their station name in writing. Which is probably a pain in the tits for the receptionist every morning.

So, I got home at five on Saturday morning. And got engaged on Saturday night. No, not to JP.

Speaking of whom, he's off for an extra week - in Spain playing golf. No, I'm not joking.